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Level 84 : Elite Creator
Nearly 5 years after the massive hit Diversity 2, the highly requested final installment to the popular Minecraft series arrives in this epic multi-genre conclusion. Merging a beautiful balance between fun and challenge, Diversity 3 is playable for 1-3 players. The world of Diversity has changed. It's become more open. But it's up to you to find your way, and once again Complete the Monument! And there are plenty of surprises along the way.

This massive passion project took over 21 months of hard work from builders spanning from 6 different countries. We are truly excited to leave you with one last Diverse adventure.

Diversity 3 is property of qmagnet and protected under copyright law and may not be altered or reuploaded without direct permission from qmagnet. You may NOT reupload this to a map website.

Diversity 3 began creation in July 2017. The map took 21 months to make by people who do Minecraft as a hobby with an additional 5 months to update the map to 1.14.4. This project is a gift to the community, meaning we won't make any money from this, so please do us a favour and gives us a shout out in your youtube or twitch videos and post our names in your video descriptions.
We worked very hard on this and offer it to you for free to enjoy. All we ask is you credit us. But if you'd like to donate to show support, that would be incredibly appreciated more than you know.

Map: Diversity 3
Creators: abrightmoore, AdamDJM, ColdFusion, Jigarbov, Noodlor, qmagnet, qwertyuiopthepie, The1Kwa1Jsucsh, renderXR
Download: https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/diversity-3

- Minecraft 1.14.4
- Render Distance: Minimum 6 Chunks

- 64-bit Java
- Programmer Art Resource Pack (Default Classic Textures before the retextures by Jappa for 1.14)
- Brightness: BRIGHT
- Particles: ALL
- Clouds: OFF
- Music: OFF
- GUI Scale: 2
- 1-3 players
- 4GB or higher allocated to Minecraft

This is hugely helpful tip to remember. At times, Minecraft Java can get big "lag" issues, especially during any respawn. By pressing F3+A (or FN+F3+A on Mac), you can immediately fix this annoyance. This also causes chunks that appear to be missing to magically become visible again.

If you are hearing impaired and require captions to play Minecraft, be advised there is one very small portion that you will unfortunately not be able to complete. However, I've included a bypass within the map that you can activate. If you require captions, contact me after you download and I will help you set this up.

For Multiplayer, you MUST have command blocks enabled. There are a few other important items you need to allow for this map to work, notably allow flight due to a weird unwanted server kick.
In your server.properties file, make sure you have these:


Also, make sure your level-name is the SAME name as the world folder for Diversity 3!
We recommend you keep the game to 1-2 players, but 3 could work.
I don't know if this map is compatible with Bukkit. I've never tested it with Bukkit.
The map is absolutely NOT compatible with Spigot. Apologies.

Adrian Brightmoore


A very special thanks to our team of dedicated testers.
blade933, CooleyBrekka, adri2711, c4rl0s6, Huider, suso, lifeofchrome, Kunyth, Peacecat, Fangride, nerdboy64, SGraal, moldybread1, Sybillian, Trebb, DarkPermafrost, Poynting1, DharunJana, Naphthal, Ty, razlight789, 14er, Chipmunk, Omegaslime, junkerpiler, Chorizabra, Roberto

For gameplay help, bug fixes, server partners and anything related to Diversity maps, please join our server

The time is coming! I post updates on my Twitter account frequently regarding this map. I suggest you follow me there to keep in touch with this project - @theqmagnet

I've been working on the map quietly since July 2017. I do not do Minecraft for a living, so it has been quite a lengthy process trying to fit in the time. But I am extremely proud of what the project has become.

I'm not entirely certain how popular Java Minecraft is anymore, but my goal from the beginning was to create one last free map for the community, in honour of the map makers of Minecraft. I also enlisted some friends to help with the project. They have generously donated their time for this map so be sure to thank them. I'll link them below so you can check out what they've made:

Originally, I had hoped to release the map during Minecon Earth 2018, but that goal turned out to be impossible. Diversity 3 is very VERY ambitious. There are nearly 37,000 commands. The map will do many things you have never seen and some things you didn't know were possible. We built the map in 1.12.2 (due to third party program restrictions) and run commands in 1.13.2. Diversity 3 is the most ambitious Minecraft map I've ever personally seen.


Didn't someone make Diversity 3 already?
- Yes. That map was made by BombBombV. But I had nothing to do with that. You will enjoy our version quite a bit.

When will Diversity 3 be playable?
- Release date has finally been set for Saturday April 20, 2019.

Do I need to play Diversity and Diversity 2 to understand Diversity 3?
- No. But I'd recommend it because we have some fun easter eggs for those who have played my other maps.

Is Diversity 3 bigger and better than Diversity 2?
- Yes and yes. It's quite a bit more ambitious. It's much more beautiful. It's far more advanced mechanically.

Will Diversity 3 be on the Marketplace?
- No. The map uses Java and is more advanced than what the Bedrock platform can currently offer. This means it will be FREE to download. You're welcome.

Will I be allowed to record the map for my YouTube channel?
- Absolutely. Just keep in mind, this is a massive project. Many map makers including myself, work for free and feel incredibly disappointed enough to quit making maps because of the lack of respect many YouTubers have given to map makers. So please credit creators when you use their content. A shout out in your videos and linking our names in your descriptions would be the best and it shows us you actually care.

Can I stream my playthrough on Twitch?
- I'd love you to. Just please let me know (@theqmagnet) when you're doing it, because I'd love to watch you play!

Will Diversity 3 be multiplayer?
- Of course. It's actually designed for groups of 2 to 3 players, but you can also play it completely solo if you like.

What version of Minecraft will Diversity 3 be played with?
- 1.13.2

Will Diversity 3 have the same Branches as Diversity and Diversity 2?
- Not all are returning. But we have LOTS of surprises.

How many Branches are there going to be?
- That's classified.

What are the biggest differences between Diversity 2 and Diversity 3?
- Above all, I tried really hard to make Diversity 3 more fun than Diversity 2. This required us to make the gameplay a little easier and possibly a bit shorter. Diversity 3 is also a LOT more beautiful than Diversity 2 - which is something I think we lacked in the last one. Finally, Diversity 3 is a lot more personal. This map is a snapshot of the community I fell in love with. If you are in the map making community, Diversity 3 is especially for you.

Are there any technical specifications required to run Diversity 3?
- I tried really hard to be able to run the commands for non-gaming PCs. The map is playable in as low as 6 chunks render distance. I'd also assume you'll need 64-bit Java. I am testing the map with 6 GBs of RAM so that may be required. But it's vanilla Minecraft. No mods required.

Can I be a beta tester?
- The map has gone through rigorous testing already with a team of dedicated helpers. We are not looking for any more testers.

Can I donate to you to show my support?
- Yes. Thank you. You can donate here.
Creditabrightmoore, AdamDJM, ColdFusion, Jigarbov, Noodlor, qmagnet, qwertyuiopthepie, renderXR, The1Kwa1Jsucsh
Progress100% complete

4 Update Logs

Diversity 3 for 1.14.4 is now LIVE! : by qmagnet 09/21/2019 8:11:09 amSep 21st, 2019

After a lengthy process, we have finally updated Diversity 3 for 1.14.4. This will allow you to play on Realms. The map is still 100% free. Due to the amount of changes, unfortunately you won't be able to update your current 1.13.2 version to 1.14. As a reminder, join our Discord server for gameplay help and to keep up to date with any updates and fixes.

Diversity 3 Discord Server

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08/31/2021 8:29 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
ovescz's Avatar
Hi, qmagnet

Do You ever plan to do diversity 4?
05/31/2021 9:13 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Miner
frens_pz's Avatar
02/18/2021 1:06 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Jwhspeed's Avatar
Fantastic map. If there is one minecraft map to play it's this one. Its like if Disney created a minecraft map, very well thought out with beautiful builds everywhere. Well done Qmagnet and team!
01/27/2021 5:09 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Sweetheart
Melygoomba's Avatar
About solving the jukebox puzzle, I'm been trying on it over an hour and I feel helpless because I'm deaf.... I see nothing to distinguish these expect just click randomly. I feel like go nuts lol. I don't want to give up.... Besides, I already finished 3 branches: Orange, white and blue so rest is: red and yellow.... I think.
01/24/2021 3:28 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Explorer
CloudyBogdan's Avatar
Currently uploading the second episode of this great map. So good and simply magnificent. Great work!
08/15/2020 12:11 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
xXByNicoXx's Avatar
Wow, qmagnet, this is actually the best map i ever played. it is awesome!
06/05/2020 11:05 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Brown_Cheese's Avatar
i dont have words on how good this is
05/24/2020 1:43 am
Level 36 : Artisan Chef
CorporalKeith's Avatar
05/07/2020 6:53 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
Deleted12's Avatar
BTW the game is amazing!
05/07/2020 6:52 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
Deleted12's Avatar
Hi I was looking for the Secret weapon near the trivia branch and it was not in the green shulker but the other 11 shulkers have it!
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