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Northern Archipelago 3K x 3K -Island Contest- (Survival Ready)

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ValjetaDawn's Avatar ValjetaDawn
Level 55 : Grandmaster Mountaineer
A Large, freezing archipelago located somewhere in the northern sea of Theia. This map features multiple islands, multiple natural wonders and is survival friendly.


This map features many different sized islands, complete with lakes, pine forests, plains, highlands, snow and mountains. The northernmost part of the large island has a volcano, with lava caves underneath. The eastern side of that island boasts large cliffs and multiple sea arches and caves.

The eastern side of the map contains a waterfall, rock pools, a blue hole and 2 ancient structures and an impossible lake.

The north of the map contains few trees, and arctic ice sheets that have drifted down from further north.

This map was fun to be more experimental with using cave layers and techniques different to my Theia map. It was made in worldpainter and touched up using mcedit.

This map is survival friendly and has caves and animals.


A huge thank you to LenteBriesje for his brushes, trees and rocks. They have become a staple for any worldpainter map I make.
Darth Enigma for his pine trees that I love.
LemonFox for his tall pines.

For the renders I used Chunky. I'm not very good at it but they turned out nice.

As usual I would love to see anyone's builds on the map. The map is available for everyone to use and do so as you wish.

Have fun and don't forget to dish out a diamond if you like it! Giving a diamond really helps my chances in the contest!
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04/29/2018 12:49 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Smurfysimmer's Avatar
Awesome map, can't wait to jump in and start building!
04/29/2018 1:00 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Mountaineer
ValjetaDawn's Avatar
Thanks! Feel free to share your builds if you want to.
Ribbons0121 R121
04/20/2018 12:47 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Ribbons0121 R121's Avatar
amazing! i will try survival on this! this should have won.

*holds up sign with number 10 on it* wait, i'm not a judge of the contest. oh well. it's still very amazing.
04/20/2018 6:53 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Mountaineer
ValjetaDawn's Avatar
The competition is still going, and any diamonds are very much appreciated so thank you for giving one! I am a little bit nervous because there are some other great entries in the contest.
04/15/2018 11:07 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Lava Rider
eagoy's Avatar
Quite nice to make it survival ready/friendly (even though I don't play survival any more + past years).
04/16/2018 3:53 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Mountaineer
ValjetaDawn's Avatar
People enjoy survival (And I do too sometimes) So I like to make my maps survival friendly. It doesn't take that long and people enjoy it so why not. :)
04/13/2018 7:24 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
DaveBombal's Avatar
Great map Im using it to build my own empire if thats alright!
04/13/2018 8:25 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Mountaineer
ValjetaDawn's Avatar
Go for it my man! I'd love to see some photos when you've finished if you don't mind sharing.
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