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The BRD-MC Kelper

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Level 38 : Artisan Dragon
Welcome to the BRD-MC Kelper

This machine is about as simple as it gets but is a 1 chunk wonder. The design uses observers to watch patiently for when the Kelp has grown to the height for harvest. When height is reached the obeserver triggers the piston to cut the stalk and the drop is carried by flow to rather large storage of 12x5 dbl chests on both the front and back of the building- both the same.
The farm is fully automated to store the harvest but also deal with Overflow- purge is in place.

The build comes as 2 schematics. The first is simply the Kelper and can be kept as is. If you wish to expand upwards and increase the output you can paste the second schematic as a stack as many as is liked :)

Schematic is 16 wide, 16 deep, 12 tall as just the Kelper and each stack adds 5 blocks of height. Facing East- up against front left corner- a side with chests.

This build is incorporated in a world download with more content located here: www.planetminecraft.com/project/spawn-build-5443036/

Remember to paste redstone asynchronously using methods like Carpet or Fastasynchworldedit. Pasting in tick time presents immediate block updates upon paste among other anomalies that break redstone builds.
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Update #1 : by The_Glittering_One 02/09/2023 10:49:14 pmFeb 9th

In an effort to mitigate the very real hopper lag of 1.19.3 I've decided to rework some of the item transport and storage/ purge systems of a bunch of builds. Water is the primary and cheapest method of transport and I like it so why not mix it in while editing storage?
The storage capacity has been changed to 80 dbl chests and the flow to storage is done completely by water rather than a huge hopper line on the top. The lava purge has also been changed to a passive drop off rather than an ejector system.

Kelper-Main updated.

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02/10/2023 7:50 am
Level 38 : Artisan Dragon
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Glad you like them :)
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