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The_Glittering_One avatar The_Glittering_One
Level 38 : Artisan Dragon
Aloha and welcome to the BRD-MC-Blaze.

This farm is a spawner based xp and Blaze Rod farm. There are 2 versions with the same result and goal. Both are included :D

The first is dead simple. The spawner will spawn Blaze around itself that fall to a floor of flowing lava that guides them down onto the hopper kill table. I say table because you need to have slabs on em or your xp sits in the center hopper.

The second is a conversion of a BE machine that had a Trident scrambler below.
The machine is made up of levels of pistons that are activated by falling spawned Blaze that land on the pressure plates in front of them. Each level fallen funnels the Blaze progressively towards the center of the chamber where they fall to a kill table.

Both versions are fitted with a crusher system above the kill table.
The crusher can be turned off for the 100% YOU experience if you prefer or the hopper timer can be released and will engage the 2 piston rows that are pulsed and held for short periods clamped closed and crushing Blaze between them.
This will kill the Blaze but not in the first pulse and not before you give am a lil chin music with some harming er maybe a sweeping edge or how about a snowball eh?

Schematics fall within 1 chunk but can also be pasted into a fortress in place of an existing spawner- strip away the walls of the piston schem and line up the spawner of the location and paste right over it ;)

This build is part of a world build located here:

Remember to paste redstone asynchronously using methods like Carpet or Fastasynchworldedit. Pasting in tick time presents immediate block updates upon paste among other anomalies that break redstone builds.
Progress95% complete

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