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The Fire Nation Palace | Rokucraft

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The Fire Nation Palace | Rokucraft Minecraft MapThe Fire Nation Royal Palace

The Fire Nation Royal Palace is found at the heart of Caldera City. The Royal Palace is home to the Fire Nation Royal Family and is a seat for the Fire Nation government. The Royal Palace is guarded at all times to provide the utmost security for the Royals and it’s high-class residents. The Palace has multiple security measures in place such as the barren, rocky land that surrounds it with no vegetation, rendering any stealth attack impossible. Inside of the Palace there are grand hallways, lined with large tapestries and intricate fire-themed decorations that lead to the vast amount of wings and chambers. This is the most iconic and recognisable building in the Fire Nation. The Palace can be found in our server in the Fire Nation Capital and is often opened for role-play events and occasions for players to visit!

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The Fire Nation Palace | Rokucraft Minecraft Map
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Gorgeous! I love the builds on Rokucraft. They're all so immersive and very accurate to the show :)
10/30/2020 1:43 pm
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