Fashion Francis - Scrapyard Contest! Minecraft Skin

This Skin is an entry in the completed Scrapyard Creations Minecraft Skin Contest.

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Fashion Francis - Scrapyard Contest!

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"Armor suits," said Francis, certified Garbage World worker, spreading her arms out in an exasperated sort of way.
"That's all people wear these days, armor suits. Granted, they supply much-needed oxygen and air filtration, considering the line of work we're in. But can't we get at least a little bit of flair?"
Nikolaj, her cleaning partner that shift, looked up and let his mournful old Russian eyes bore into hers. They held a look that told a thousand words. "Look Fran" his eyes seemed to say, "I couldn't care less. I'm just here to pick up the trash."
Francis, taking the hint, shrugged in an oh-well sort of fashion and hefted up her powerwasher. Another day at the World of Garbage. One out of thousands. Powerwash, scrape up the sludge, pour into the Recycler 9000, rinse and repeat. It was an endless cycle. It took just a few minutes to obliterate the amalgamated piles of trash that were dumped in the facility daily.
Francis took aim at a particularly large pile of trash, made up of holo-magazines, discarded Imbly-Molch brand furniture, and cheap makeup robots, and fired. A pillar of water cannoned into the refuse, spraying dirt and metal in all directions. It splattered across her visor and all over her armor suit. She wrinkled her nose. While the armor suit had its filtration mechanics, she still caught a whiff of a vicious stench. Suddenly, she spotted something. A hint of a strange pink thing, hidden away beneath the dull browns, greens, and greys of the trash.
She cut the stream short and waded through the waist-high garbage sludge. There, buried beneath a mulchy pile of Vogue (vintage 2097 issue) and a broken Poo-Begone Toilet(TM), was a beautiful Gordelli jacket. Rosey-pink and with the trademark pill logo emblazoned on the back. And with only a few minor stains! Good god, talk about "one man's trash". Francis brought the jacket up to show Nikolaj, who was tunelessly mumbling a song in Russian. The gaudy pink didn't take long to catch his eye, his bushy eyebrows crooking upward in a mixture of skepticism and curiosity.
"You know what I'm gonna do with this, Nikolaj?"
The Russian slowly shook his head in bewilderment.
Francis put her arms through the sleeves, taking care that the notched armor suit didn't catch and tear the jacket.
She stood there for a moment, turning and admiring her reflection on a filthy, fractured mirror. And then she smiled.
"I'm bringing fashion back, baby."

Francis would then go on to attract negative attention from company manager George Bungsplat after donning the jacket and a pair of lightly scuffed cowboy boots. It is unknown whether her position in the job was terminated. But hey, at least she looked cool.


Hello! So here's a skin, yay. I didn't even check the last time I posted. Lemme do that real quickly.
Wow cool almost a year ago, how's about that.
Anyhoooo, I'm glad to see the skinning community still thriving and going on strong. You guys are awesome.

Feel free to use the colors in this skin on your own work! No worries about crediting, they're colors for god's sake. What am I gonna do, sue you? PFFf. Enjoy!

Also, some screenshots for those of you who have faulty browsers that can't view the 3d model!


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