Mu Qing Minecraft Skin
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u_okeii_fam's Avatar u_okeii_fam
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Mu Qing from Heavens Official.. I love him he is just so uuuuuuuuuuuu i love him

but i hated making the skin
i hate making skins in general
but since no one will make them guess ill be first
and im decent at making them so

for peeps that dont know, or havent read book 2 yet, Mu Qing was Xie Lians servant/messenger before they became god. When he wasnt serving xl, he lived with his sick mother, and often helped/gave food to homeless kids in the area. Once Xie lian acsended, he and Feng Xin (Xls bodyguard) became junior official under him. But a bit after Xie lian descending for the first time, Feng xin ascended into a full-fledged martial god, mu qing following shortly behind.
he and feng xin hate each other to this day *wipes away single happy tear*

With his outfit, this skin is strictly 4 pixel arms, but i can try making it 3 some time later cause im done for rn.

next skin is Lan Sizhui uwu

I also found out that Feng Xin and Fang Xin (Xie Lians old a*s sword) have SUPER SIMILAR NAMES AND I KEEP MIXING THEM UP ITS LITERALLY DIFFERENT BY AN A

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