Suggesting a new "Datapack" category (or something to separate datapacks from maps)

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Opened by: ShelLuser
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6/20/19 2:37 pm 6/20/19 2:37 pm
Hi gang!

(here's hoping I'm a well-standing member ;-))

Datapacks are becoming a thing now, even on Planet Minecraft, and obviously these should be considered projects. Depending on the kind of datapack it can be a very time consuming job to build one and fully bugtest it.

However... Being a "datapack coder" myself I also believe that this doesn't do justice to some of the awesome map projects listed on PMC. I can't help be convinced that projects which involve an entire map will always take up much more time (and effort) than those of a datapack. Note: with this statement I'm also keeping in mind that a datapack can contain one (or more) structures which are used together with the datapack itself.

I'm not saying datapacks are easier than maps, but I am convinced that the amount of effort is - generally speaking - not comparable.

As such I'd like to suggest a way to separate datapacks from map projects. For example by adding a "datapack" category which could allow for that.

As always: thanks for you time :-)

06/20/2019 2:37 pm
Level 84 : Elite Scapegoat
set status to In Progress.
This was partially completed with a Mods category and special link. In the future, we plan to have a completely separate category with features tailored to data and behavior packs, but this is a stopgap measure for now.
10/09/2018 10:41 pm
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Thank you Sheluser, must appreciated! :D

Hopefully this will become a thing.
10/09/2018 10:51 am
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set status to Accepted, assigned Cyprezz.
Agree, Datapacks need a proper home here.
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