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Sunshine After the Rain Event Summary

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Level 100 : Transcendent Cake
Happy summer everyone! During the month of June we invited every member on Planet Minecraft to create submissions in the Summer Community Event, themed Sunshine After the Rain. The theme was open to imagination: participants could make something sun-, rain or summer themed, or represent something that makes them feel happy. Together the community contributed a total of 768 entries in the event, thanks everyone! With all of these shining submissions you can surely enjoy an amazing Minecraft-summer with sandcastles, swimming pools and lots of sunshine!

In this summary we'll share some of the submissions that stood out to us!
Want to view them all? Click here to visit the full list of submissions. 😁


The Sweet Summer Sentiments texture pack by Pixperfect replaces various items in the game with summer-themed things: potions are now smoothies, chests become coolers and smokers turned into BBQ's!

Sunshine After the Rain Event Summary
Sunshine After the Rain Event Summary
Sunshine After the Rain Event Summary


The Sand Castles texture pack by ShadowsCrow replaces sandstone walls and flower pots with sand castles and sand buckets! All you need to build your fortress on the beach. 😁

Recommended to be used in combination with the Sweet Summer Sentiments pack above!


In the Sensation of Summer datapack, YokaiS added various Summer-themed things to the game, including but not limited to:
  • Sunglasses and straw hats to look cool and stay cool! 😎
  • Crabs: we recommend you don't eat them!
  • Popsicles: sugar and ice on a stick
  • Floaties! If you don't like the standard white-and-blue, you can craft a watermelon or flamingo floatie instead! 🦩
  • Squirt guns! You can load them with water by standing in water and then shoot 20 times. 💦


Some members represented the duality of the Sunshine After the Rain theme in their skin submissions, by representing each side in a different half of their skin.

In the bugs and their larva skin submission, PersonWhoPlaysMinecraft made a rainy side and a sunshine side on a kid wearing a raincoat. A fun literal interpretation of the event's theme. We love those little butterflies!

Fishkiss took a more figurative approach in their skin submission titled Self-Love. We see a winged figure who is sad, but sunshine (self love!) comes shining on them from one side, drying their tears. (At least, that's how we see it!)

Similarly, KulasMinecraft created a pack called Sunlight and Moonlight, which re-textures the nether wart and crimson blocks into sun/moon themed textures!

BEFORE Crimson


CaraRose built a lovely little getaway titled Land of Freedom: "A little island with a village, the amazing creatures who live there have some llamas as their friends and lots of flowers around. Magic rainbow is spreading tiny drops of rain so their fields and flowers are always hydrated."

This wonderful build submission comes with a Timelapse Video in which CaraRose recorded the building process. Be sure to visit the submission page to view the video and see how it was made!


June was also pride month, and because Sunshine After the Rain brings rainbows, everyone felt free to enter their celebratory submissions in the event as well. We loved seeing so many members shining proud this June! 🌈


When we say water vehicle you probably think of a yacht or a jet ski. But nope, we're talking about the Swimming Pool Car by Captain_JEK!
You might think it is madness, but this build is actually based on a real-life car! With a parasol added on the back, this ride is the perfect place to spend a hot summer afternoon. Even better: the build comes with Bob the turtle, a companion joining you for a swim behind the wheel! 🐢


What mob is the most summer-y mob of all? The Moobloom, of course! The moobloom is a buttercup-covered variant of the normal cow and unfortunately was only a mob in Minecraft Earth. The moobloom would be a mob in Java and Bedrock edition, however, it sadly lost to the Glow Squid in the 2020 Mob Vote. You can now have the moobloom and 17 flower cow variants in Minecraft Java thanks to Boscawinks who used the summer-like mob as inspiration for their submission. There's a caveat, however; these mooblooms and their flower variants are SUPERSIZED. take a closer look and the image below and you'll see exactly how big they are!

Not sure which color axolotl is your favorite? Problem solved! Because with this Rainbow Axolotl mob skin by Aspirin60, the axolotl has all the colors of the rainbow! 🌈

Pacifity made a hot Summer Creeper mob skin, complete with sunscreen, sandals and floaties! Who knew that creepers could get a sunburn too!? Now you'll surely see them coming. 🦀


Various members submitted wonderful artworks that celebrate sunshine! The pixel artwork below titled melancholic sunshine was made by member AyaTMC. It captures a beautiful golden sunset! 🌆

Michiru made this drawing titled sunbath as their submission. It's of their OC Nina relaxing in the sun!
clatoripixi shared a drawing titled Sunsine, Fun-time! as their entry, with their character blowing bubbles in front of a rainbow sky!


We noticed that most of the skins made for the event are to wear with sunny weather! But we also saw a couple that are suitable for when it rains. These are some of our favorite summer-weather skins from the event.


A pool isn't complete without some fun floats! ShadowsCrow created a pack that replaces the boat with pool floats - GENIUS! With 6 different animal themed floats to choose from (we particularly love the unicorn!) you'll be floating in style! Suit up in one of the summer skins above, pick your pool pal and make a grand, stylish entrance to any pool party! Ahhhh... summertime!


Some members submitted photography blogs with photo's of rain, sunshine, flowers and rainbows. The two photo's below especially stood out to us and together they summarize the event's theme perfectly! Be sure to visit both blogs and have a look at the other photo's made by borkicorn and CactiFern.


Potassiumola created a super-fun minigame map submission for the event, titled Sunset Resort Hunt! At this beautiful holiday resort there are 54 items hidden across the map to be found. You can compete with friends or play by yourself and see how many items you can find!


Colors of the Rainbow by Giancarlovan

Summer Poem by Micro666hamWasTaken

Red for briar rose
Hearty flushed in wealth of health
Untempered by foes

Orange for oriole
Zooming forests swift and true
Keen to fill its soul

Yellow for sunshine
Warm and bright as a hot spring
Bathing all in glow

Green for gladden leaves
Bough and branch flaunt feathered fans
Dancing to the breeze

Blue for azure streams
Rushing with living gusto
Crystalline as dream

Indigo for ‘sters
Austere, yet later luster
Delights to critters

Violet for dusk
As yearning days close with smiles
And in yawn raise tusk

The grass so green,
the sun so bright.
Life seems a dream,
no worries in sight.

Tans and tank tops,
laughter and bliss.
Each moment passes
without even a miss.

Friends and cookouts,
memories and laughs.
Good times to remember,
but how long will it last?

The grass soon fades,
leaves begin to fall.
School replaces sleepovers.
Oh, I'll miss it all.

Summary written by DinowCookie and PMC

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Woahh!! my skin was mentioned!!
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the pictures look awsome
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Esse datapec é incrível
07/18/2021 10:54 am
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Ahh yes, Bob the turtle
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so good
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Niiiiiceee! My little rainbow axolotl is there! (thx) :-D
07/17/2021 11:37 am
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So was there a definite winner here? If not, then I don’t see the purpose of having a big competition without a winner.
07/18/2021 10:56 am
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You just take the event's theme, let it inspire you and use it to make something you didn't think of before :)
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