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Cavegen Tweaks (v1.3)

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iNkoR_the_2nd avatar iNkoR_the_2nd
Level 37 : Artisan Engineer
This pack is a simple yet game-changing addition to your Minecraft world, revamping the cave generation for each biome. Ever wanted sandstone-filled caves under deserts? Mossy stone in oceans? Icy caves underneath snowy biomes? Or even just to have the mineshafts matching the biome they're in??? We. Got .You... Fam.

And now with the Nether Update, we even changed how that works! Now you can find Gilded Blackstone in Basalt Deltas and biome-specific Nether Fortresses. Wooh!

The first edition of this pack was submitted to the data pack jam held by the Minecraft Datapacks Discord server.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

1 Update Logs

1.3 : by iNkoR_the_2nd 06/08/2021 11:08:03 amJun 8th, 2021

Hello cavers! It is time for another update as 1.17 is now upon us. There is now a video by me showcasing the whole pack.

Also I made a table showing off all the block changes as of 1.3.

And if you want to see a changelog for 1.3 specifically here it is:

  1. Deep Frozen Oceans no longer generate icy caves (ocean caves form instead);
  2. Mineshaft wood pillars are now also biome-specific;
  3. Snowy Beaches now generate icy caves;
  4. Beaches no longer generate sandy caves;
  5. Snowy Mountains now generate icy caves;
  6. Pack format updated;
  7. Dirt is now replaced with Sand in both sandy biome versions (used to be Smooth (Red) Sandstone);
  8. Stone variants are now replaced with Granite in Dripstone Caves;
  9. Stone is now replaced with Dripstone Blocks in Dripstone Caves;
  10. Gravel is now replaced with Dirt in Dripstone Caves;
  11. Torches put on ground are now replaced with single lit Candles at y=60-;
  12. Replaced Blackstone in Deltas with Smooth Basalt (Netherrack is still replaced with Blackstone and it doesn't get overridden by Smooth Basalt);
  13. Lava is now replaced with Magma Blocks in icy caves (used to be Obsidian).

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07/25/2021 12:27 pm
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Technomancer
GatKong avatar
I was looking at this datapack, and it's concept is great. Love the biome specific mines and such.

JUST being helpful... no negativism, this dackpack could be taken to the next level of awesome. All of your changes take place after worldgen is complete, and you are looking for triggers and cues in tick functions, which is a giant load on servers, when all of your functions could be done in worldgen itself, and thus zero per-tick demand on a server... going from a ginormous load to literally nothing. Take a look at data/minecraft/worldgen/configured_carver files, as well as configured_feature, and configured_surface_builder to see how you can replace the vanilla mineshaft blocks and other blocks you've been looking for and replacing via tick functions. Swapping out oak_planks for spruce_planks can occur in worldgen, for example. Keep up the creativity!
10/27/2021 6:40 amhistory
Level 37 : Artisan Engineer
iNkoR_the_2nd avatar
Thanks for the feedback, and sorry for the late response. We have thought about it, but unfortunately at the moment worldgen features are still experimental and are not guaranteed to be supported in the future, and they make data packs clash. Using functions allows us to be much more compatible with other packs.
10/31/2020 7:44 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Rayaan4819 avatar
Thanks i wish this was real! thanks again
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