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Curable Undead Horses

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Level 32 : Artisan Crafter
Ever wished you could cure a Skeleton Horse into a Zombie Horse and then a Zombie Horse into a Horse, just like you can cure zombie villagers into villagers?

Well thanks to this pack you now can....plus some extras!

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- How to use

To cure a skeleton horse into a zombie horse find a skeleton trap out in the world, after you've defeated the Skeletons riding them throw a splash potion of weakness at it and right click on it with a golden apple while crouching, this will start the 2 minute conversion process and turn the skeleton horse into a zombie horse with slightly boosted stats

To cure a zombie horse into a horse throw a splash potion at it and right click on it with a golden apple while crouching, this will start the 3 minute conversion process and turn it into a horse with the best stats you can get for a horse in Minecraft.

There is a also a change that when a zombie horse is cured into a horse it will appear with some "Undead Horse Armor" that will give it a full row of hearts, this armor can also be used on anther horse to give them more health if needed.

- Advancements
There are several hidden advancements in this data pack, however once you have gained a specific advancement 2 of them will be revealed!
The main Advancement for this pack is called "The 4 Horsemen", this will be unlocked when you have converted enough horses in your world at which point you will receive a trophy!

> How to unlock the hidden Advancement if you're too curious, or don't look and leave it as a surprise!
To unlock the Hidden Advancement you need to cure 4 Skeleton Horses and 4 Zombie Horses

- Uninstall Command
You can uninstall 1 of 2 ways
1: During install (or world reload) if you're in Creative you will get a "pack installed" message, if you click [​INFO] there is an uninstall button at the bottom
2: type /function 8bm:uninstall.curable_undead_horses and press enter

- Reset "Advancement Triggers"
If for some reason a horse doesn't get cured something else stops working as you feel it's meant to, you can try resetting the "triggers" that are used to do the action in the pack by type /function 8bm:reset this will reset the triggers for players currently in the world and should NOT affect any of your advancements

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

2 Update Logs

Version 1.2.1 : 10/15/2021 7:30:00 pmOct 15th

Fixed a small bug that causes skeleton riders to duplicate incorrectly due to positioning

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