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    Yeh, this account is kinda dead

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    Rainbow Bar Sticker by Troupe429 for iOS & Android | GIPHY
    Art made by members

    by Ericku (Request): That's awesome, thx :D

    by TheoRoar: Thx mate :D
    Elicorne ~ The Strawberry (fanskin) Minecraft Skin
    By ShadowCypher: Oh wow, thank you very much :D
    Elicorne ~ Fan Skin Minecraft Skin
    By Spxngie: OMFG this is awesome, thx :D

    strawberry boi Minecraft Skin
    By DerekthecreeperMC: Thx my dude :D

    By purpls: Woah thx :)
    Rainbow Bar Sticker by Troupe429 for iOS & Android | GIPHY
    Awesome Members
    Cool person that think she's bad

    My brother

    Made some great trophies for my contests and is very chill

    An awesome guy who makes great skin
    Helped me with discord (I met him/her in pmc) and we are now friends
    First person I met in pmc

    Awesome drawer with awesome skills

    Made one of my stamps and is awesome

    Just a chill guy :D

    Helped me with discord and is very chill/nice

    A dude that is actually very nice :D
    Please guys go sub to him
    Rainbow Bar Sticker by Troupe429 for iOS & Android | GIPHY
    Rainbow Bar Sticker by Troupe429 for iOS & Android | GIPHY
    My support stamp
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      March 20, 2021, 10:57 pm to Public
      I redid my home page because my account is kinda dead.
      Elicorne replied to ShadowCypher's comment below 2021-12-08 21:02:18
      ShadowCypher said 2021-10-19 20:09:38
      *summons strawberries*
      Skin Shaper-Greg Heffley said 2021-03-26 11:04:20
      LTabEnter said 2021-03-25 16:55:10
      ThatRetsukoFan said 2021-03-20 23:00:05
      I hope my account will never die. Maybe if I have kids I'll pass it on lol.
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      December 31, 2020, 11:11 am to Public
      We finally finished the new spawn of the FeigCraft Server, come check it out!
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      Elicorne shared Creative Wars's post
      December 27, 2020, 9:36 pm with Public
      Creative Wars
      December 27, 2020, 1:20 pm to Public

       Banner made by Inro for the Creative Wars team

      The Galactic Holo-Journal is a digital newspaper published by the Creative Wars team. Each edition, posted every week, includes all the new information related to our project and progress made by the team.

      wifiDecember 2020, days 14 to 27

      These two weeks have been very productive in terms of skin creation, espacially thanks to sanguine_. Our helper has not only developed the appearance of his two Creative Wars characters, Einar Jance and Daro Randell, but also remade the look of some of the characters that already existed in Creative Wars. This was done in order to create a uniform style for both the soldiers' and main characters' skins.


           Einar Jance, Marshall Commander              Daro Randell, Jedi Knight

      These two are some of the skins sanguine_ made for his characters. You can find other versions of these two in Einar's and Daro's Wiki articles.


             Commander Plamuk                     Grand Moff Cadhal

      As you can see, these two already existed: the first one is Commander Tintenfisch, whose name has been changed to Plamuk since the word "tintenfisch" is the literal translation for "squid" in German and it sounded shabby; and the second one is Grand Moff Cadhal, whose rank has been changed to Grand Moff (he was a General before).


           Darth Toc, Galactic Sith Emperor                   Darth Zitox

      Darth Toc and Darth Zitox, two of the most iconic Sith lords in Creative Wars, have also been remade. The appearance overall, as you can see, is still the same; the essence of the beautiful skins made by DinowCookie and Doot are still there.


               Director Pol                        Razia Jance

      Pol Tutæga was the Planetary Director of Litho're, his homeworld. He ruled his planet in the name of the Sith Empire, which granted him with great benefit. Razia, on the other hand, was Einar's sister and member of the Mandalorian clan of Jance.
      Some more skin remakes will be done in the future, stay tuned.

      A Minecraft server was made. Its purpose is to be used by the members and builders of the Creative Wars team to build maps of our own planets. We decided to start creating the landscape of the administrative district of Craterom, the capital city of Litho're.


      These buildings were all made by our fascinating builder Elicorne.

      Regarding the lore of Creative Wars, we have progressed a lot with it during these weeks. sanguine_ decided to help us with the history of Mandalore in Creative Wars; there will be many differences between the Star Wars planet and ours, however, there will still exist the Mandalorian warrior clans that many fans love (the Jance clan was already mentioned, and a Japan-inspired one is also been developed).
      By the hands of Lemilas, our head writer, a short tale about the life of Arkal Firiath (Lemilas' character in Creative Wars) is being written. In addition, our new helper Its_Quail is also composing a tale that discusses the beginning of the Expansion War.


      Concept art of Einar Jance wearing his bounty-hunter armour, by sanguine_

      Concept art of Darth Umbra, by sanguine_
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      December 27, 2020, 12:09 pm to Public
      Ok so, I recently published a server in PMC.

      If you join, you'll see that it won't looks like the pictures on the submission. It's normal, we had problem with a staff member and he destroyed the whole spawn and other player things. We are actually remaking a new spawn but I didn't change pictures of the server because the new spawn isn't finish :D

      Btw, here is the server: www.planetminecraft.com/server/feigncraft/
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      Elicorne shared Xener_D's post
      December 21, 2020, 6:47 pm with Public
      Your awesome mate
      December 21, 2020, 5:31 pm to Public
      Hard to believe it's already been a year since I joined here, I've met loads of great people along the way.

      Just wanted to give a big thanks to the mod team for the PMC 10 year anniversary server. To Elicorne and bos soldier for their support on my skins (check them out, I'm not asking :D), as well as anyone else who's given me notification spam, or even given me a diamond or download. And a massive thanks to my 55 subscribers for deciding to join me on this journey.

      I appreciate my skin production has grinded to a halt the last month, this is not due to lack of inspiration or motivation. It's currently Peak season at work and my hours have increased dramatically, by no means complaining as I'm grateful to have a job given the current climate and how unforgiving this virus has been for a lot of businesses in the UK, but it has taken away from my me time as I feel so tired after work I only want to sleep or watch TV.

      With all that said I plan to book a tonne of holiday time off during the first quarter of the new year, so the content should pour out so to speak.

      I will be publishing two skins to celebrate this 1 Year anniversary, one of which is already out. Here's to a great second year, and hopefully many more to come.
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