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Almost out of my Hiatus
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    Ello fellow minecraft enjoyer, I'm a cool guy like you, I promise
    Preferred name: Dionne

    Young adult
    Varied humor

    Minecraft mods adict
    I also like horror stuffs

    Just like I sated in my introduction post (which I deleted because I think this is a much more proper way of presenting myself) I'll make skins, pixelarts and texturepacks, most of them not original ideas of mine, so I always say from where I took some inspiration in the description.
    Not open to commisions (And probably never will because I suck at handling those kind of things), but I take requests, just be patient if one day or two I don't keep up the pace with this site

    Last thing is hope we're all buddies here, stay cool, drink water, don't mess with street dogs, and hope my content isn't mediocre to anybody (Cuz sometimes to me it is lmao)

    Anyways, have a quark phrog
    I found the wednesday frog in minecraft, but I don't know which mod has  it... Also he is a really cool frog : r/feedthebeast
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