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    Hallo! Thank you for stopping by! This is my humble profile page where you can see all the stuff I follow and neat things like that!
    Please check out my "Album" of skins The "Book Of Adventure" it's full of cool skins that are for the most part more RP type :P

    Please check out the people that are subbed to me, they mean a lot ^.^

    (About me)
    I am a 17 year old male who is interested in music, writting and reading.
    My favorite author is Brandon Sanderson
    My favorite music artist is James Blunt
    Just getting by trying to hone life skills and have fun on the way!

    WOAAH ^^ That was two years ago... I'm not active anymore but I want to say I appreciate the people that are and yeah, my collections are pretty darn rockin ;D CHECK THEM OUT
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