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My Drama/art:

This site is amazing. The only thing that annoys me is that
"Some-people" on this site don't understand the full length of what they're saying, over exaggerate things, & dramatize moments that don't deserve being dramatize but the others are good. anyway here is my account stamp if you wanna use it, but it looks pretty bad so no need to.

My random account stamp.

People I don't like:
•An Intelligent Moron
•confusing [​They changed thier name]
Nitgo News posts:
[Click Me] to view them all.

Image of the my characters

Somethings I was mentioned in:
So to end this widget I'll just list somethings I've been mentioned in by very nice people, I hope you enjoy the list! If you believe your name belongs on this list you can private message me or comment your mention in the guest book. Thanks for reading

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