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      October 27, 2021, 6:05 am to Public
      Preview of the tabby cat in progress.

      Sassafras said 2021-10-27 08:47:55
      jameson gray replied to Pleasenotme's comment below 2021-10-27 06:22:04
      yes i agree
      Pleasenotme said 2021-10-27 06:16:28
      Something about that looks very disturbing... I believe it's the eyes perhaps?
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      August 26, 2021, 6:28 pm to Public
      I've been playing around with MCreator a bit with the idea of possibly making my own mod with custom blocks, items, etc to expand on my resource packs.

      An example of my experimentation are these texture-less train tracks I've added.

      Super easy to make mods in MCreator, even if I know it has a bad reputation among people who think you should make it all by yourself, but I'm not a modder. I'm more interesting in the visuals and just want to use mods to unlock more potential.

      It becomes harder when you try to add scripts. I'm trying to make it so when you click on sleepers without rails holding rails (item) it replaces the sleepers with rails. Currently it replaces every block you press on. Additionally I tried to make it so you can take the rails from the tracks and thus convert it into sleepers but I'm doing something wrong because it just crashes the game.
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      August 26, 2021, 5:50 pm to Public
      Been taking a long time to update my town submission, but today I decided to finally take some screenshots and update it.

      Around 8-9 buildings have been built as well as many unique trees, fun but also challenging to make them unique and not repeat the same shape while also making them look realistic.

      I hope everyone's having a good week thus far.
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      August 22, 2021, 4:53 pm to Public
      Oh my dear god. Finally.

      I was looking at the cat model I've been working at again, depressingly since I've felt that it was just wrong and couldn't proceed with it because of that.

      What was wrong? I was trying to force myself to start making textures and was looking at references when I got sidetracked to reading about the Pallas' cat which has round pupils when I realised why it was wrong, the cat had round pupils, not slits! By fixing that single thing I suddenly felt okay with the model.
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      July 14, 2021, 1:07 pm to Public

      Making a more human-like version of the villagers & co. ♂ & ♀ variants with different ages will be included. I hope I can figure out animations and children, otherwise it won't be as good as I wish right away at least. The models are mostly based on the player model, but with some modifications to include features I want such as beards, ears, noses, etc.

      Here's a gif of a style test for the female villagers. (Ignore the ugly artifacts, that's the result you get when you don't spend time cleaning up the frames.)

      Do you have any preference on the two?

      Had the idea of an add-on pack where the Iron Golem are changed for armoured guardians like knights. If I can figure out animations that's certainly gonna be on the list of things to do. Hell, then I could even make mounted knights & the ravager could be an evil knight (though they wouldn't move very fast.)

      The pillagers would also be these humanoid medieval characters.

      Had some neat ideas for armour models, but since it's not possible to change the player model in java I had to abandon that idea. If I do them as part of the mob models I can at least get that out of my system.

      Another add-on pack I had in mind were tribal orcs for pillagers and/or piglins where different biomes would have different orcs.

      I got a bit discouraged from working on the cat since I was unhappy with the model variations I made and didn't want to move to textures until that was solved. So for now I've switched focus (which if you've followed me, you know I do all the time.)

      During the time I've been working on these equipment and mob models I've also touched on block models and textures, most recently glass. I have made quite a few windows thus far, but I will wait on publishing this until I feel more satisfied with the execution and have all variations I want to begin with. As always I get fun little ideas from OptiFine, for the windows I thought it would be fun if in frozen biomes the windows had frozen glass. Let's hope the winter is quick to arrive and harsh so I can get some neat real-life references (kidding, please save me from this hell of temperatures from Muspelheim & Niflheim that is Sweden. I want moderation!)

      Thank you for reading my weekly diary entry, lol. I hope your week has been pleasant despite the heat many of you have.
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