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    šŸ» Silabear (sigh-la-bear) | he/him | athiest

    i joined this site just to share my cool datapacks and I’ve loved seeing myself and the community grow over the 3-4 years I’ve been here. now, I'm a moderator here :D

    ā¤ļø we’re always welcoming of everyone on this page - if you’re going to be homophobic/transphobic/biphobic, racist, sexist, or discriminatory in any other way, then plz go away <3

    šŸŽØ favourite colours: rose, red, orange
    šŸ˜ƒ likes: trains, pasta, hoodies, coding, nature, camping, spreadsheets, science/logic, STEM subjects, space
    ā›” dislikes: those toxic big social media sites, fighting/violence, discrimination, the word infrared

    my Minecraft skin was made by Arkhaismos. they’ve since left PMC, but you can view the skin on namemc. I always feature fanskins on my profile :D

    šŸŽµ fav songs | music playlist

    mental health support
    everyone goes through rough times - it's okay to not be okay. if you're struggling with your mental health, then there's plenty of resources and help available.

    suicide prevention: (Global), (UK), (Other)
    domestic violence: (USA), (UK)
    other: (UK), (Canada), (Global)

    Fan art :D
    If I've missed you out, PLEASE let me know!


    by Arkhaismos

    by Catsncartnwheels

    by sweaterduck

    by TheCrypteral

    By xBigFatPotatox

    by an anonymous sender (i legit have no idea who but if ur reading this i appreciate ya)

    by XFAISALX2178

    by Fatcqt

    by Feldmarschall Wither Storm

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    • Silabear's Avatar
      June 21, 2024, 3:52 pm to Public
      Trend time: y’all can only reply one letter at a time in the comments, collectively you gotta answer the question

      what should I eat for dinner tonight?
      YokaiS said 2024-06-23 14:59:03
      YokaiS's Avatar
      _Abstract_vison_ said 2024-06-22 22:29:53
      _Abstract_vison_'s Avatar
      PizzaLeader said 2024-06-22 19:12:07
      PizzaLeader's Avatar
      AsylumWolf said 2024-06-22 17:56:24
      AsylumWolf's Avatar
      cybermoss said 2024-06-21 18:39:45
      cybermoss's Avatar
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    • Silabear's Avatar
      June 21, 2024, 11:04 am to Public
      yeah you might think that it's fast when you see a notification like 5 seconds after it appears but i just saw a notification so quickly that the "x seconds ago" didn't even bother to show up
      GoggleD0GG said 2024-06-21 11:14:44
      GoggleD0GG's Avatar
      i see comments before i get notified they were commenttntntntned
      BlueBoyBuilds said 2024-06-21 11:09:41
      BlueBoyBuilds's Avatar
      First time? B)
    • Silabear's Avatar
      June 21, 2024, 10:48 am to Public
      I have invented a game called sigma tic tac toe

      each of the 9 squares is actually another tic tac toe board, and the squares of those tic tac toe boards is another tic tac toe board

      32.4 likes and y’all get the full rules

      Gamingbarn replied to Tech-Tac's comment below 2024-06-22 23:15:18
      Gamingbarn's Avatar
      Silabear replied to nathsphere's comment below 2024-06-22 03:47:07
      Silabear's Avatar
      no, it’s completely different
      nathsphere said 2024-06-22 02:40:43
      nathsphere's Avatar
      did you just steal this from vsauce's video
      Tech-Tac said 2024-06-21 15:20:03
      Tech-Tac's Avatar
      Remove the "toe" and it's me, Sigma Tech Tac.
      Pirealta said 2024-06-21 13:14:43
      Pirealta's Avatar
      I’ve played a game like that but it’s tic-tac-toe^2, compared to how this is tic-tac-toe^3.
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    • Silabear's Avatar
      June 20, 2024, 1:48 pm to Public
      share this post with your current mood

      mine is TSC MH241 Series 4-Inch Industrial Printer - 203 DPI, rewinder, Ethernet, USB - MH241P-A001-0302
      LittleJimmyGaming said 2024-06-24 08:42:34
      LittleJimmyGaming's Avatar
      what is an ethernet port
      VoidCrawler9 said 2024-06-20 19:19:56
      VoidCrawler9's Avatar
      what if i dont have a ethernet port on me
      spookyshxdow said 2024-06-20 15:53:13
      spookyshxdow's Avatar
      Indraft said 2024-06-20 14:03:54
      Indraft's Avatar
      ajthepeach said 2024-06-20 13:58:12
      ajthepeach's Avatar
      havwnt you said something about this exact printer before
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    • Silabear's Avatar
      Silabear shared Indraft's post
      June 18, 2024, 5:34 pm with Public
      yes!! you can reach out to any of us if you want. don’t let anyone on-site or off-site try to censor and/or make you feel bad for who you are <3 <3
      Indraft's Avatar
      June 18, 2024, 5:24 pm to Public
      now that I am not an lgbtq+ youth, I just want to tell our community's lgbtq+ youth (and even lgbtq+ adults !) that you will always be accepted and loved for who you are here.

      looking back, I know that I am extremely lucky to have grown up in a safe, welcoming environment. however, I recognize that some of you guys may not have that luxury, and it pains me to see that we are still in an age where discrimination supersedes any attempt to accept someone for who they love. Planet Minecraft will always be a safe environment for you guys, and we will never tolerate discrimination of any form. we are a community for everyone.

      I want you guys to know that, despite everything, you will always have someone in your corner (me!), and I am pretty damn vocal if need be. my DMs are open for everyone and for anything.

      now go be good people
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    on a more professional note, I do a lot of cool internet things. here are my favourites:

    i make epic datapacks! you can view them all on the "content gallery" widget on this page.

    datapack hub
    i own a community around datapacks with almost 800 members! we've got a minecraft server, website, mod, but most importantly epic discord server! Join!ļ»æ

    datapack jam
    admin in a team which runs occasional datapack competitions here on PMC! initially started by TheMobo but now we have a big team helping us with trophies and stuff. discord and group

    game dev
    i’m working on a couple of nice 2D puzzle games as part of a small indie team that I can’t wait to tell you about! i’m also collaborating with someone on pmc on a shorter game which I’m hyped about too šŸ‘€

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    what do you want?
    If you want to appeal a ban, please go to tickets
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    But I have dedication.
    They don't.
    Not since the incident.
    ok, you can stay for the story.
    All the spoiler chainers used to be as one.
    One team.
    On Thursdays, they would all meet together and create spoiler chains.
    Rain or shine,
    wind or hail,
    they always met each other and made spoiler chains
    But one day, their spoiler chain got too long.
    It broke the confines of this world.
    They were all sucked away in a portal, all but one.
    That one was me.
    I never thought I'd see them again.
    Nobody had the same passion as I did for spoiler chains.
    I still had the dedication. I tried to recruit others for the spoiler chain club, but to no avail.
    I thought all hope was lost.
    But then I realised, maybe the portal didnt mean anything.
    Maybe it was a metaphor.
    The others may be lost to the "portal", but there's another one.
    I'm sure of it.
    Do you know how I know?
    Nobody had the same confidence in spoiler as chains.
    After all these years, we've reunited.
    This is the Spoiler Chain Matrix.
    Wake up.

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