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    It's-a me!
    Some Basic Info
    • Religion: Christian (Denomination: Catholic)
    • Joined Minecraft: June 26th, 2017
    • Minecraft Editions: Java, Bedrock, Pi
    • Birthday: August 21st, 2004
    • Interests: gaming, programming, animating, writing, acting, storytelling, art, sound, etc.
    • Computer OS: Ubuntu and Windows dual boot (on PC), Raspbian and RetroPi (on Raspberry Pi)
    • Phone OS: Android
    • Languages I Know (at least a certain amount of): English, Spanish, Latin, Binary
    • Other Details: Male, Autistic, Introvert, Misophonic

    Upcoming Planet Minecraft Projects
    • Cilerion (Map) (In Progress)
    • Cilerion (Resource Pack) (In Progress)
    • screeeeeeeee (In Progress)
    • Yellowshirt Lore Chapter I: (Title TBD) (In Progress)
    • A List of Acknowledgements/Shout-Outs (Almost Finished, In Progress)
    • Potential Other Major-ish Project 1 (Not Started)
    • Potential Other Major-ish Project 2 (Not Started)
    Other projects that are not on the list will soon also come.

    Non-Planet Minecraft Works
    My Own Works:
    • Roasted Meatloaf (animated series) (2018-present)
    • Collabs in a Nutshell (Ft. thenewfn2199) (animated short) (2020)
    • Goodbye Flash Player (animated short) (2020)
    • The Empire Goes Under Quarantine (animated short) (2020)
    Works I Have Taken Part In:
    • Scratch Quest by thenewfn2199 (animated series) (2020)
    • thenewfn2199 in Minecraft by thenewfn2199 (animated series) (2021-2022)
    • thenewfn2199 Generations by thenewfn2199 (animated special) (2021)
    • thenewfn2187's Return by thenewfn2199 (animated special) (2022)
    • Penelope Teaches History by thenewfn2199 (animated sort-of educational video) (2022)
    This list is a work in progress.

    Some Copyright Info
    I tend to release a number of my works either as public domain or under a free (libre) license. I do this because I wish to give generously to the community without expecting much if anything in return. Not necessarily all works I release will necessarily be free (libre) or public domain, however, particularly in cases when the copyright is not entirely up to me. Said works may still be remixable to some extent, but not necessarily to the extent granted by a public domain dedication or a free license (of course, even free licenses can have more conditions than just giving credit.) I personally will probably not go after people for using my works. I'm not all that interested in that sort of thing. However, be aware that multi-million dollar franchises are not as forgiving as I am.

    Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Labyrinth, Rush, Yes, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Styx, Weird Al Yankovic, GNU/Linux, free and/or open source software, The Muppets (franchise), Veggietales, Mario (franchise), Minecraft (obviously), memes, YouTube Poop, vintage stuff, Queen (band), The Clash, The Ramones, classic rock, prog rock, punk rock, metal, vaporwave, chill, ambient, various musical genres, home media, fair use, fan works, parody, satire, the Internet, SuperTux, SuperTuxKart, Super Tux Party, Frogatto & Friends, cop and detective shows, Dragnet, Adam-12, Columbo, deep thoughts, good people

    (Not a complete list. More may be added over time. Listed in no particular order.)

    YouTube Kids, hypocrisy, greed, self-righteousness, particular cliches, dullness, cringe, Digital Restrictions Management (DRM), spyware, particular restrictions on software, peer pressure, manipulation, arrogance, Jell-O (at least not in its regular form), bad people

    (Not a complete list. More may be added over time. Listed in no particular order.)

    An Important Note
    Note that if you like or support things which I don't like or support, or you don't like or support things which I do like and/or support, it does not mean that I "hate" you or something or think that you are "evil". That mentality is a plague on politics and society. I am not trying to impose my beliefs on others, and neither should you. I may have periods either on this site or another place where I get rather defensive about my beliefs and/or opinions, but it does not mean I wish to bully others for disagreeing with me. This does not mean there aren't people I dislike, but rather that if I dislike someone it is not merely because they have different beliefs and/or opinions from me.

    TL;DR: Disagreement is not a declaration of war. Get that through your skull.

    Other Places

    Verification of Soul
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    Okay, so basically this is a Draw My Character contest like they have on Scratch and some other places.

    Above are some depictions of my character (along with an additional torso picture.) More images can be found in some other places (consider looking around the "Other Places" listed on my profile.) You can do either a skin, a drawing, a 3D rendering, or some other art of my character and submit it.

    Q = Question A = Answer C = Comment R = Reply

    Q. When is this due?
    A. June 31st, I guess. That ought to be enough time.

    Q. What do I win?
    A. A sense of pride and accomplishment I don't know really. Maybe I'll just let the winner decide the award.

    Q. How do I submit my entry?
    A. A good way might be to just reply to this forum and either link to something or insert media or whatever works. That's what I'd recommend because that way I can access the entries easily.

    Q. Do I have to do it in a certain art style?
    A. No. Do it in any style you want. And you can even do any other variations you want as well, such as an alternate universe variant or whatever. Don't end up losing the main focus, though.

    Q. If I do a skin, does it have to look like a Steve edit?
    A. No.

    Q. Who the heck tucks in their jacket like you do on your skin?
    A. I don't know. That was just the way I made it. I might eventually upgrade my skin so it's better, but this is what I have for now.

    Q. Is your non-Minecraft form wearing any pants?
    A. Debatable.

    Q. Is that what you really look like?
    A. Sort of. Not entirely. I actually have facial hair in real life (which the skin technically also has but only because it's a Steve edit), but for some reason I just left it out of my character. I think it's okay because the character is supposed supposed to be a bit of his own character rather than just an average Author Avatar, but he's still mostly based upon myself. You can choose to either put in facial hair or leave it out. Either way is fine.

    Q. Is your head that big in real life?
    A. No.

    C. 01001001 00100000 01010100 01001000 01001001 01001110 01001011 00101110
    R. So do I.

    • The jacket is based on a real jacket I have. However, while my Minecraft skin depicts it as a short-sleeved jacket, the real jacket has long sleeves. Also, the real jacket has a zipper, and I planned to put that in the "gritty" variant, but I forgot to put it in the final version. I had it there while it was a work in progress, but I temporarily erased it because I wanted to make it more accurate. However, by the end, I had skipped the zipper altogether. Oops. Oh well.
    • The watch on my skin is based on a real watch I own. I don't use it anymore because it died in 2020, however. It's a digital watch in case anyone is wondering, and I typically used army time on it (I still do that with my phone and computer.)
    • The image at the very end is my default Scratch profile picture, which is derived from an image in an animated video I made.
    • I uploaded the additional torso image because I wanted to show that the blue things on the grey areas of the jacket were the edges peeling forward (I don't know if that's the best way to describe it, but hopefully that's clear enough.)
    • Oddly, I don't think I have very many orange shirts. The orange shirt mainly became part of the character because a) I wanted to go along with a particular color scheme and b) I think I wanted to echo some Scratch OCs who have orange shirts (e.g., TNTSquirrel.)
    Okay, that should be enough for now. If you plan to participate, then you know what to do. If you have any other questions, you can reply to this with said questions and I will try to answer.

    EDIT: Fixed some spacing issues between images.
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