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  • DreamWanderer
    August 10, 2020, 5:46 pm to Public
    Trying to expand my categories of builds a bit, and have started work on my first boat/ship since 4 years ago lol. I edited my "trucks, cars, and buses" collection to "trucks, cars, buses, boats, and ships" now lol.
    The boat I am working on now is a larger sized Fireboat. I got the deck of it all laid out, but I can't figure out how to do the hull. It has been literal years since I last attempted a boat/ship, and never was good at it lol
    MrArko said 2020-08-10 18:27:20
    The hull is always the hardest part for some reason lol.
  • 🌍 The PMC Weekly August 9th, 2020chrome_reader_mode
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    PMC started 08/09/2020 12:14 pm
    WasTakenWasTaken replied 08/10/2020 4:27 pm
  • Seismic Vibrator
    Land Structure Map
    Captain_JEK 08/10/2020
    185 5 1
    x 8
  • DreamWanderer
    August 9, 2020, 5:04 pm to Public
    Why do I do this to myself, why do I try to convince myself that I should be building all the time on my time off.

    Me: wanting to relax for the evening, and watch some YouTube videos *loading up videos*
    Also Me: "Why aren't you building!?"
    Me: "I just want to relax tonight, I will get to that build tomorrow. I have spent all weekend building"
    Also Me: "Your getting lazy. That build won't finish itself."
    Me: But I-
    Also Me: "No relaxing, only building!"

    I'm weird lol
    FEX___96 said 2020-08-10 02:22:15
    FireBellSkins said 2020-08-09 19:56:01
    I feel that, but with skins! Aghh, it's so annoying :(

    And each time I decide to relax I end up relaxing for too long. sigh.
    JadeFire170 said 2020-08-09 19:12:42
    Nah I feel that too.
  • DreamWanderer
    August 9, 2020, 1:07 pm to Public
    The disappointment when I bite into a delicious looking chocolate chip cookie, only to find out its a raisins. I hate that lol Why must they look so similar lol.
    firefox4304 said 2020-08-09 13:12:06
    raisins are good tho
    Whiteout- said 2020-08-09 13:08:06
  • DreamWanderer
    August 9, 2020, 8:11 am to Public
    Am I the only one? I spend 100% of my time on Minecraft building, and sometimes I get the urge to want to return to the simplicity of Minecraft, and playing default survival, and just doing what ever I feel like with my own creativity. So here is a little screenshot of what I do sometime when I am playing minecraft, and not building.

    I present to you: "chaos" lol I found that spawning a tons of villagers, and tons of pillagers, then adding tons of creepers into the mix is a lot of fun lol. The pillagers chase and shoot arrows at the villagers, and due to the amount of creepers mixed in. Sometimes a creeper gets hit, and blows up lol.
    MythicalJay_24 said 2020-08-09 13:43:34
    So I’m not the only one... lol.
    TheLimeHit said 2020-08-09 09:20:14
    This brings me back to 2014. Sweet memories indeed.
    Nippy Pawster said 2020-08-09 08:28:04
    I used to do that with Villagers and Zombies, and watched the zombies turn all Villagers to Zombies. Ah sweet memories.
    firefox4304 said 2020-08-09 08:13:33
  • Farm barn #1 [With Download, and semi finished interior]
    Land Structure Map
    DreamWanderer 08/08/2020
    806 96 2
    x 5
  • DreamWanderer
    August 8, 2020, 8:31 am to Public
    Finished the exterior of the barn. Now I just have to come up with a interior, and a map, and then it should be ready for posting =D
  • BMW 3.0 CSL
    Land Structure Map
    Captain_JEK 08/07/2020
    487 21 4
    x 6
  • DreamWanderer
    August 7, 2020, 6:23 pm to Public
    Spent the entire evening out on the golf course today. Played the whole 18 holes. Walked for 9, and it was so hot. I decided i would pay up for the golf cart for the last 9 lol.
    It was supposed to be a nice relaxing evening by myself, but as always. It just turns out being: Spending money, getting tired and frustrated/ irritated, getting sun burnt, and wanting to throw your club in the pond along with the ball that just landed in it.
    I guess I'm going to have spend a lot time practicing to get good lol. Out of a whole 18. I had two holes where I scored a "par" (scoring the same number of shots that was set for the hole) lol
  • DreamWanderer
    August 6, 2020, 6:50 pm to Public
    Getting the outline of the barn done. The foundation of it may seem pretty tall right now, But I am going to do a map for it. And the barn is built on a hill side, so most of it going to be covered over by the terrain
    Jackadope said 2020-08-06 19:46:51
    looks amazing, as always :)
    DreamWanderer replied to lyliaa's comment below 2020-08-06 19:05:25
    Thanks. and I am using a resource pack tho lol. Tho they are still stairs
    lyliaa said 2020-08-06 18:57:58
    That siding with the stairs is genius and took me way too long to understand that it wasn't a resource pack
  • DreamWanderer
    August 5, 2020, 5:16 pm to Public
    Started on my next building. Working on building a "old" barn that has holes and boards missing from the sides. This one Is going to be one that is still in use, and has places where things have been "patched". This is all kind of new to me. I never tried to build a weathered building lol
  • Vote for the Player Skin Contest for August! 3 day vote!!
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    PMC started 08/01/2020 10:53 am
    Amalien replied 08/05/2020 7:15 am
  • 🌍 The PMC Weekly August 2nd, 2020chrome_reader_mode
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    PMC started 08/02/2020 6:39 pm
    Ang333 replied 08/03/2020 5:18 am
  • Megalodon Monster Truck
    Land Structure Map
    Captain_JEK 08/02/2020
    628 33 4
    x 6
  • US M3A1 Halftrack [With Download]
    Other Map
    DreamWanderer 08/02/2020
    513 26 1
    x 4
  • DreamWanderer
    August 1, 2020, 7:31 am to Public
    I have been thinking about trying something different with my builds. Specifically my much smaller builds. Since my near 1:1 builds are hard to get details in them, when I am building a small vehicle, such as a truck or car. I am thinking about posting such small builds with two versions.

    The one I am doing next is a small 3 wide truck. I am thinking about up scaling it from 3 wide to 5 wide, so I can get much more detail in it, and then trying to build it on my typical 3 wide scale, and post it with both versions. So you can choose either the near 1:1 scale, or the much bigger and much more detailed version. And if for some reason I can't get something to work on a 3 wide scale, I will just post it as the bigger version.

    What I was wondering. Is would you all like that idea?
    Kpepper15 said 2020-08-01 10:49:57
    Sounds like a plan!
    TheLimeHit said 2020-08-01 10:20:55
    Ang333 said 2020-08-01 07:45:55
    Absolutely yes.
  • DreamWanderer
    July 31, 2020, 2:48 pm to Public
    I was just sitting here listening to music, and sorta daydreaming. Like I do most of the time lol, and I thought of a story idea. I thought it would be a neat story (or least I thought it was lol) If I could ever write or draw that is lol.

    The idea of the story is me getting pulled physically into my dreams, and worlds of my imagination. And would be about exploring my dreams/daydreams. and having to explore them to find resources for survival, and or find a way back to reality. Tho some of them I'm not sure I would want to leave lol.

    And it would be like a continuous story or my "dream wanderings". Like instead of keeping a journal of my dreams, where they would all be separated, It would be all my dreams combined into one continuous story. If that makes sense. Not sure how I would do it tho. I am no writer, and definitely no artist lol
    Archineer said 2020-07-31 16:21:20
    That is a relly Good idea for a game lol.
    TheLimeHit said 2020-07-31 14:52:26
    I'd watch a movie with such story lol
    PersonWhoPlaysMinecraft said 2020-07-31 14:50:18
    this is a great idea
    copyright it while you still can
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