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TTC: Briedis Class Battleship

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Laserbilly's Avatar Laserbilly
Level 49 : Master Engineer
Model #: Briedis
Class: 2nd Rate Battleship
Designer: Ultragraphics Merchants
Manufacturer: Ultragraphics Merchants
Cost: Inquire for Cost

Length: 932 meters
Width: 417 meters
Height: 155 meters
Powerplant: Heath-Kavelin Lines: Bohai-type Capital Ship Stardrive
Armament: 1 - Daybreak Partnership: Takahashi type Heavy Pulsar Cannon
20 - Constellation Productions: Kikuchi type Heavy Railgun Turrets
120 - Ultralight Co.: Light Defense Weapons Systems
Fighter Cap.: (flight pods aren't done yet, so this is a best guess)
360 Viper Class Fighters
120 Strike Craft (heavy fighters, bombers, intercepters)
48 Shuttlecraft
Shield: Maeda Shields: Pandyne type heavy shield
Min. Crew: 139 Officers
1120 Technicians
600 Pilots
120-1500 Marines

The Briedis class is one of the oldest warships still found in use today. While it is slowly being replaced by newer, more specialized battleships, the Briedis has been refit to bring it up to today's harsh standards, allowing it to hold its position in the line of battle. Constructed with a thicker than usual skeleton, this ship is valued for its ability to take a beating and bring a respectable number of fightercraft to the system of battle.

Space Fleet so far:

To best view this build, use this texture pack:
it is a modified version of Cyber Optics uploaded with the permision of Scamper3396
Progress90% complete

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03/09/2021 10:07 pm
Level 29 : Expert Sus
Kontik's Avatar
07/15/2016 9:33 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Toast
japs2002's Avatar
you're a fool man :P
02/12/2016 10:09 am
Level 28 : Expert Nerd
Mr_DerpyPanda's Avatar
All of your builds are amazing.You are a very talented builder whether it's small scale or large scale x)
12/21/2015 7:23 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
babbajagga's Avatar
stop kidding me :O
this is ... meh... speechless :x
12/19/2015 4:27 am
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Gent
ThatGuyJake's Avatar
Dude, this is crazy.
12/20/2015 12:45 am
Level 49 : Master Engineer
Laserbilly's Avatar
Hey thanks!
12/01/2015 9:42 pm
Level 20 : Expert Engineer
Hydromel's Avatar
Wow, you don't stop working man! All your vehicles are F great! You have a terrifyng army :O

How long it took you to make That Briedis ?

Also i really like these detailed descriptions! If i'm not so bored to repost my Vech'  im going  to do kinda like this. :D

12/02/2015 1:01 pm
Level 49 : Master Engineer
Laserbilly's Avatar
Hey, thanks a lot! You have some fantastic vehicles yourself! I still use some of those tricks you showed me from your utility helicopter, and I'm going to have to try the carpet visor that your used on your armored car!
  I started the Briedis in 2012 and every 2-4 months I'd come back to her and put another 5-10 hrs into her, get bored and go make another project or two then come back again. It took forever, and this summer I decided to scrap the original project and use the parts I'd already made and you can see the finished project. I'm just happy to be finished with her.
  On the other hand, I started 3 new big projects, all of them over 500 blocks long!
04/05/2016 12:01 pm
Level 20 : Expert Engineer
Hydromel's Avatar
Oh hey billy, sry for the late i was not connected from the last time and i had problems with my pc :[
well thanks for your compliment, im always impressed by your Briedis :o and i waiting for your news Vech' :)
11/19/2015 6:39 am
Level 31 : Artisan Magical Boy
Enoshade's Avatar
95th diamond.
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