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Walled Medieval Town

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Level 53 : Grandmaster Architect
Walled Medieval Town

My first project!

This is a small, walled medieval town. Intentionally small and self-contained so it can be fit into almost any world. Drop it on a hill alone or use it as the center of a larger city.

It includes:
- surrounding walls with four gatehouses and an additional four watch-towers.
- a central tower for the lord.
- a central market place.
- 70+ buildings, all furnished, including stores, homes, barracks, workshops and warehouses
- 4 wells
- a small dungeon/jail (beneath the southern gatehouse)
- a mazelike sewer system beneath

100% complete
Best used with JohnSmithLegacy texture pack

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Additional Notes

My first project intended - almost from the start - to be shared with the world.

Although I've built other towns for my own use, those were much more haphazard in design. With this map, I started with a vision of what I wanted the city to look like and what I wanted it to include.

Specifically, I wanted a walled, round town with a large central tower. Main streets would ray out from the center and circular roads would ring the tower. The town would include a central market near the base of the tower, as well as a grove of trees. I wanted the buildings to be built closely together, both to make the streets feel claustrophobic and so that a "thief" could use the roofs as a secondary highway to go about his business. The town would absolutely need an underground sewer system -preferably somewhat mazelike - as a third, hidden way of getting about town. The town should feel livable and complete, and every structure should be furnished.

I'm happy to say I achieved those goals. I am quite happy with the result and hope you are too.

Additional Credits and Thanks

The vast majority of this content in this project was hand-built by me. However, I admit that -
out of the 80+ structures in the map - a few buildings are from schematics downloaded elsewhere.These include:
"My Small Village In Swamp" by Sliphunter25
(3 buildings)
Medieval Building Bundle by Axianerve
(2 Buildings)
Kings Landing Map by Westeroscraft team
(1 building)

Furthermore, a number of designs are based on video tutorials by MrArcherMC. Although the buildings are all built and modified by me, the basic design owes a lot to his wise tutelage.

You are welcome to use this design in any non-commercial mod or design of your own. Just give me proper attribution. Also, if you make your work available to the public please let me know; I'd love to see your designs too!
CreditSliphunter25, Axianerve, Westeroscraft,MrArcherMC
Progress100% complete

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by TheAvatar 08/30/2013 11:38:40 amAug 30th, 2013

A few minor update, just fixing a few things that were bugging the heck out of me

- filled in a few empty blocks beneath the city. I want a solid foundation, gaddurnit!

- deleted a picture that stubbornly insisted on being on the outside of a building, rather than inside the building where it belonged. Fine, be that way; no picture for you!

- added another image just because, and why not?

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02/05/2019 4:10 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
gamer45321 avatar
Hi i Know this is a old build but on the off chance you still check this out i was wondering if i could use this build for a modpack im making its just the modpack will require a ton of towns and stuff so building them all would be pretty hard not to mention i suck at building xD!
07/06/2017 10:53 am
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Wolf Whisperer
Myyoyo avatar
Beautiful 😎
02/10/2017 7:31 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
Lyarica avatar
I saw your map earlier. It seems to be from an older Version!
Mind if I upload it on my server (Private, for me and 3 friends) and change it a bit? (Like the flowers)
Dont worry, I will put a shield on the entrance to let them know you build it and to check out your account!
Great work, by the way. A really cute little town :) <3
02/12/2017 6:16 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Architect
TheAvatar avatar
As always, my maps are free to use on your servers, public or private. All I ask is that you give me credit and - if public - let me know where so maybe I can take a look at. I like to see all the changes and improvements people make ;-)
02/12/2017 7:26 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
Lyarica avatar
Thank you very much sir! :)
01/09/2016 7:55 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Minetastic88 avatar
this maps it the best i have seen yet. i would love to use it on my server
01/09/2016 8:04 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Architect
TheAvatar avatar
Go for it!
11/25/2015 12:39 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Architect
TheAvatar avatar
Looks good. It controls the landscape; nobody's getting through that peninsula without paying you a toll :-)
08/30/2013 3:55 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Narwhal
Lykkie avatar
awesome! How long did it take you to build this? o:
08/30/2013 7:50 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Architect
TheAvatar avatar
On and off, about a month. I'm not the fastest builder and I didn't really rush this project anyway.

The initial prep (flattening the ground, building the walls and the circular roads) took the most time, largely because they were so tedious to get right. I hate making circles in Minecraft. There are tricks I could have used to make things easier, but they didn't occur to me until after the bulk of the work was done (of course).

Then there was a rush to get a bunch of buildings in. About half the city went up in just a few days. I love MCEdit's ability to import schematics!

The remaining buildings slowed me down; again, tedious and far less fun, so it took me longer. The actual construction of the structures is fairly fast, but I tend to get hung up deciding what sort of building I want. Which is odd because inevitably I always chose something vaguely Tudor.

Then I had to install all the interior furnishings. Again, not hard but tedious (I sometimes wish Minecraft let me have a toolbar that could hold more than ten items), Also, the addition of all the greebles and other detailing, plus the sewer. Although the latter was fun and I installed it in less than a day.

So, yeah, I'd say about a month's time, start to finish. I'll never win a race against the expert builders here, but I had fun during the construction and I think the end result was worth the time I spent.
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