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  • 🌍 The PMC Weekly September 25th, 2021chrome_reader_mode
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    PMC started 9/25/21 12:47 pm
    Spxngie replied 9/27/2021 8:06 pm
  • bill cipher, but personified :D | gravity falls
    Minecraft Skin
    Litanie •9/27/21 6:05
    45 3
  • a m e t h y s t 🔮
    Minecraft Skin
    Angel •9/27/21 3:45
    152 6 1
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    September 27, 2021, 12:14 pm to Public
    if you ask me a question, i might answer

    i only might
    InZanee said 2021-09-27 14:06:41
    why is mitochondria the powerhouse of the cell?
    idaidaida said 2021-09-27 13:14:16
    The_Flying_Block said 2021-09-27 12:43:51
    Who are you inside?
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    September 27, 2021, 10:47 am to Public
    You know those anime eye patches you see villains and some characters wear?
    Well guess what I'm wearing- x

    Birthday skin may have to be delayed even longer since I already needed my eyes tested as everything is blurry (especially on electronics) hence why I'm not driving and now I only have one working eye right now. Yay XD x
    JessaMoon replied to Hardcrafter's comment below 2021-09-27 11:57:50
    Yeah I do wish to trial contacts for my next prescription since honestly having to use a mask at work with glasses is an issue: they just get in the way of work (surgical practice- they keep falling off and, sometimes if I'm handilng animals they'll literally pull them off at times) x
    HUNTER CAT UwU said 2021-09-27 11:35:24
    Hardcrafter replied to JessaMoon's comment below 2021-09-27 11:23:47
    Oh lord, you definitely need to start using your glasses properly after your next test. Plus, contact lenses are always an option if you don't like the look of glasses on yourself.
    JessaMoon replied to Hardcrafter's comment below 2021-09-27 11:19:23
    That's the thing I have them but I think my prescription has gotten worse since thanks to Covid my last test was 2 years ago XD x
    JessaMoon replied to Senpai's comment below 2021-09-27 11:18:51
    Not sure- I'm nearing the faze of destroying capitalist Government at this point as well as some men because oof it has been a tough week and life may be short but for some particular nasty people it needs to be shorter, so I'm possibly in limbo between becoming an anti-villain XD x
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    September 27, 2021, 5:24 am to Public
    We're getting into spooky season territory so Imma chuck out a disclaimer:

    Not everyone actively celebrates Halloween nor the Fall season due to their geographic location or their beliefs. That being said, this is not the time to argue about the over-saturation (or non-active participation) of Fall/Halloween skins and skin events. Let the people make their skins, but at the same time don't be harsh to those like me- who are currently experiencing Spring and thus wouldn't be making Fall skins atm!

    Aquarine said 2021-09-27 07:31:43
    happy spring 💐
  • D.VA Palanquin [HD]
    HD Bedrock Minecraft Skin
    Nudle •9/27/21 5:15
    94 4 2
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    September 26, 2021, 6:31 pm to Public
    i get so mad when people start getting into "christmas spirits" at this time of the year cause like hello ?? spooky season ? halloween ? thanksgiving ?? yall literally skipping so many holidays ;o; my collage was playing a freaking christmas song in the cafeteria last week bro it's not even october yet ??? the soccer girls were jamming to a whole freaking christmas playlist on the bus the other day !! please show more respect to spooky season and the other holidays yall skipping out on ,,, ;-; don't even get my started when someone tells me that im "celebrating halloween too early" like bro you start celebrating christmas in the middle of freaking september, i don't wanna hear it /.o./ i get that yall loooove christmas so much, but please keep your love for that holiday in it's own season, not other seasons ;o;
    kurakosmos replied to Hardcrafter's comment below 2021-09-26 19:30:20
    my dad was in the army (i was super little so i only know from some stories my mom tells me about it), and i have a few friends with siblings that are currently in the army

    the holiday really is super personal for some people ! which is why it's slightly frustrating when a lot of people tend to overlook it
    Hardcrafter replied to kurakosmos's comment below 2021-09-26 19:13:01
    For me personally, Remembrance Day has taken new meaning since my brother is in the army and I don't know when he'd possibly be sent out for some type of war and potentially lose his life.

    I honour Remembrance Day far more than your average folk.
    kurakosmos replied to Hardcrafter's comment below 2021-09-26 19:08:39
    yes ! like fr, i get that christmas is fun and stuff, but please be respectful to all those holidays that come before, especially for holidays like veterans day ! i know it's not on purpose, but it does feel slightly disrespectful ?? that people tend to just skip over that particular holiday ;-;
    Hardcrafter said 2021-09-26 19:01:09
    For us Canadians Thanksgiving is in October and even after that I hate how people get festive before December starts. I mean, Remembrance Day is on November 11th (Veterans Day for y'all Muricans) and it feels like no one ever gives respect to those who fought and died for we who live today.
    PickleCat said 2021-09-26 18:43:42
    ikr like spooky holiday best holiday
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    September 26, 2021, 3:16 pm to Public
    hmmm new profile picture??
    black butler fans rise
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    September 26, 2021, 2:29 pm to Public
    art, also me trying and failing to paint again !! now that i look at this more, there are so many mistakes ;o; that's ok, i just know what to do better for next time
    kurakosmos replied to Aquarine's comment below 2021-09-26 15:49:46
    ty !
    Aquarine said 2021-09-26 14:34:35
    looks pog 👍
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    Chabilulu shared Blue Piranha's post
    September 26, 2021, 2:18 pm with Public
    Blue Piranha
    September 15, 2021, 12:13 am to Public

    another one
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    Chabilulu replied to Blue Piranha's comment below 2021-09-27 12:13:52
    haha probably
    Chabilulu replied to belaphoupou's comment below 2021-09-27 12:13:39
    belaphoupou said 2021-09-26 20:03:41
    green and light blue
    Blue Piranha said 2021-09-26 19:50:31
    light blue
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    September 26, 2021, 12:40 pm to Public
    spooky season is NEAR!! THIS IS SO GREAT! maybe this means more uploads from me lol

    I've been watching so much buzzfeed unsolved recently, and I'm disappointed I didn't start earlier because it's so good wtheck ;0; perfect mix of spooky and funny
    Kawaii replied to belaphoupou's comment below 2021-09-27 18:56:44
    YES!! my favorite time of year. the vibes and energy make me so happy ^u^
    belaphoupou said 2021-09-26 20:03:59
    spooky month is soon!!
    Aquarine said 2021-09-26 12:55:26
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    September 25, 2021, 8:18 pm to Public
    i have 10+ skins i need to upload but im lazy so take this wip for my char Image
    retrospective replied to ZappyGru's comment below 2021-09-25 20:40:34
    thank you!! i appreciate it v much !!
    ZappyGru said 2021-09-25 20:35:11
    Everything feels very consistent! The colors, style, and theme! Great work!
  • n e o n d r o p 🪐
    Minecraft Skin
    Angel •9/25/21 2:12
    391 14 4
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    September 25, 2021, 11:47 am to Public
    Might make an omori skin series, make another sailor moon skin as well as a misato from evangelion skin
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    September 25, 2021, 8:51 am to Public
    you ! you are ! my universe ~!
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    September 25, 2021, 8:24 am to Public
    Here are some small screenshots of my most recent skin.

    Valkyrien_ replied to belaphoupou's comment below 2021-09-25 17:15:03
    Thank you! ♥
    belaphoupou said 2021-09-25 13:16:53
    just-- pretty
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    Twixxed shared FireboltAA's post
    September 24, 2021, 10:58 pm with Public
    September 24, 2021, 10:28 pm to Public
    Spxngie is coming up on 1k 😉
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    Spxngie said 2021-09-25 11:38:37
  • watermelon juice - ce
    Minecraft Skin
    mirabilia •9/24/21 9:33
    229 6 4
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    September 24, 2021, 4:38 pm to Public
    Have to love how my favorite coffee (no other coffee, just my favorite) makes my stomach ache for hours

    I wont stop drinking it either so it's just violent stomach aches every morning
    Twixxed replied to ahashley's comment below 2021-09-24 21:11:04
    Absolutely not
    ahashley said 2021-09-24 19:47:21
    you see, this is why tea is superior
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