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Grand Hotel at Turtle Bay

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avatar DiggerMcGee
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The Grand Hotel at Turtle Bay was conceived as the jewel of Turtle Bay. Perched on a prominent point at the edge of Turtle Beach; it is the focal point of the waterfront area. We had a limited area to build, but we wanted something big and proud without overwhelming everything around it. It still is one of the larger buildings in town and sits on the hill above the Capitol building at the end of Central Avenue.
This was our very first project posted on PMC!

I wanted to build something reminiscent of what you might see in a florida beach town. I'm not an architect, so I cannot say if it is of any particular style (if any). We had tons of diorite and nothing to do with it. So, I chose it as the base material for the Grand Hotel. Since diorite is so bright, I used dark_oak for the roof and trim. Black glass windows, light gray terracotta floors in the main atrium and white terracota in the observation hall on the third floor round out the look.

The hotel is far from finished. For example, the second floor and attic level suites are not yet furnished. Only one elevator has been installed and some elements, such as the grand staircase are waiting for variants available in the MC 1.14 release.

Check back in on our progress, we will post the schematic, possibly before the building gets the Minecraft 1.14 treatment

Any and all feedback is welcomed. So, leave a comment, a diamond, or subscribe today to stay up-to-date on our progress. In the Meantime, check out our other projects in the Turtle Bay series...

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Update #6 : 01/10/2020 5:21:29 pmJan 10th

It's Here! the download for the Grand Hotel is now available. It has a very large footprint - 49 blocks by 52 blocks and 27 blocks tall. The insertion point is in the middle of the east entrance, which is one block higher than the lowest point in the build. So, stand one block above where you want to place the model. Keep in mind that this was done in 1.14.4 and contains blocks not available in previous versions. Also, I used with version 7.01 of Worldedit to create the schematic file
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