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Turtle Bay Capitol/Parliament Building (and download)

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DiggerMcGee avatar DiggerMcGee
Level 45 : Master Engineer

The Turtle Bay Capitol/Parliament Building is Complete!

"A Playable Build..."

The exterior design is locked in and finished. The only addition we are considering at the moment is adding a cupola to the very top of the dome to add another layer to the look.

The Capitol Building occupies the entire town square area between the church and the main avenue connecting the Grand Hotel and the Royal Inn (Now known as Capitol Street). The west wing is finished. It is now the parliament where the governing body can meet to deliberate. It features a parliament debate floor where the legal sausage is made and a spectator's gallery on the second floor.

The rotunda is the main entrance and gathering area for all citizens and visitors. A general gathering/visiting area where players (landowners) can hang their official ensigns and maybe heads. Sort of our version of Statuary Hall. A catwalk provides access to all second floor areas and more room for banners.

The upper floor of the East wing will be the Department of Public Works and the Department of Fun & Adventure. The first floor will be the Bureau of Guest Services (new users, ranking, etc.), the Department of Land Management (land claims and real estate), and the Department of Public Works (rail, parks, public space & machinery, etc.)

This building was designed as a drop-in install to Turtle bay. We have, however, prepared a more generic schematic file suitable for all worlds!

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In the meantime,
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07/03/2019 12:05 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Robot
Nitrox Nova
Nitrox Nova avatar
This is a great addition to Turtle Bay! I really like the older, more traditional style
07/03/2019 12:57 pm
Level 45 : Master Engineer
DiggerMcGee avatar
Thanks! I needed some kind of central government/official type building. I wasn't trying to copy any particular real-life building, but certainly there are a few that I took ideas from. Its been tricky getting the proportions to look right at this scale. I wanted it big, but I want it playable and to fit into the new city.
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