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Hi, PMCer's! We hope you had a great week and have some fun planned for the weekend. We have an official poll running for the next player skin contest theme, so be sure to vote before it ends tomorrow! We've got several new community contests, a fun forum thread celebrating the 3 year anniversary of the community event calendar, a full art gallery, a skin collaboration and some CUTE bat mob skins πŸ¦‡ . Several other features from this week created by talented members, be sure to visit them and show some support by giving them a diamond or leaving a comment!



Winning theme will run for the month of August 2021!

Review the ideas in the forum thread and remember to vote for the one you like the best, not the one you think is going to win!


In celebration of the Community Event Calendar's 3 YEAR anniversary, Melygoomba and DinowCookie created a Hall of Fame of PMC member-made
Community Contests! On this page you will find an overview of winners of previously held contests, a photo of their submission, and the trophy they received! Such a great idea and the perfect way to not only acknowledge previous contests, but the winners as well! πŸ₯‡

Want to add your contest results? Comment below with a link to your announcement post, or send a PM to Melygoomba.

We've seen a variety of contest types pop up in the past couple of weeks including a contest for texture packs, red stone circuitry, and of course, skin contests! Whatever your niche may be in Minecraft, there's surely an event or friendly contest

That1Rand0mChannel-SBCDev extended the deadline for their texture pack contest, The 10 Blocks Jam! Instead of making your resource pack entry the normal way, this contest requires you to download the template pack to use since this contest is for you to experiment with the terrain.png type system that is used in the Terrain PNG Reborn Resource Pack, terrain.png for 1.17+.

Deadline Extension: August 13

Astrolol is aiming to promote a new Bedrock server, LanternMC, [created by Blip_Creations] and is hosting a skin contest titled the LanternMC Take Flight Skin Contest!

Contestants are tasked with creating a player skin (can be Steve or Alex model) with the theme: Dragon! You must tag your entries with "LANTERNMCTAKEFLIGHT". Your skin can be of a dragon, a dragon trainer... a combo of the two, perhaps? πŸ‰

Deadline: August 14
After their recent release of their Redstone Resource Pack, mshailz has been "antsy to start something new"! So they came up with the idea of a Redstone build contest where participants can showcase ANY build with Redstone circuitry. You will be judged on the size of your circuitry and the functionality of your build! Visit the forum thread for all of the contest details!

Deadline: September 3

🏠 (Projects) TypeTitle + LinkHostDate / Deadline*
Allround Contest
Map making contest!!!
August 1
πŸ“° (Writing) TypeTitle + LinkHostDate / Deadline
Storytelling Event
August 7
😁 (Skins) TypeTitle + LinkHostDate / Deadline
Remake Contest
Human After All
August 1
Themed Contest
Aliens vs Astronauts πŸ‘½
August 3
Reshade Contest
Random Reshade
August 4
Themed Contest
One Skin to Rule Them All Contest (LOTR)Pleasenotme
August 4 ⚑
Remake Event
100 remakes!
August 8
🐷 (Mobskins) TypeTitle + LinkHostDate / Deadline
Themed Contest
Mobs that Glow
August 5

For a complete list of community hosted contests and events be sure to visit the community event calendar! πŸ“…



i havent done my laundry in a month
bisgusting shared a moody scene in a blog they titled "I haven't done my laundry in a month", which we can't help but think was inspired by the fact that, maybe they haven't done their laundry in a month. πŸ˜‚ Wherever the inspiration came from, we love the lighting and the vibe of this laundromat. The drawing features 3 of their skins, which you can see below:

november Minecraft SkinNovember
hypnotized Minecraft SkinHypnotized
hate it or love it Minecraft Skinhate it or love it
What better way to celebrate a milestone than with some beautiful art! thebudgie recently hit 350 subscribers (now 361!) and posted a blog with a drawing of three cockatoos; Po-po, Parry, and Potato! We love all three!


Digital artist connoisseur Michiru's latest blog features artwork of their original character, Mirai. Mirai looks as fierce as ever with her combat boots and cargo pants, sporting a wound that appears not to phase her. The blog also contains a reference sheet where you can see how tall the character is and different angles of them! If you love the style of this art, click here to see 18 more blog posts from Michiru, where they've posted several stunning drawings!


Did you know we have an official PMC Discord? There's an art channel, which is where we got this next feature from! FishStacks shared this pixel art of crimson fungus with the channel! πŸ„ They're no stranger to pixel art, however; their texture pack, StackPack is one of the more popular recently uploaded packs on the site and for good reason! Be sure to check it out for more pixel perfection!
pixel art by CornCobDog

pixel art by Moon

pixel art by Moon_Clouds
This piece has been a work in progress for 6 months and is a collaboration between CornCobDog and YuukiMokuya on twitter! A gorgeous pixel masterpiece.

pixel art profile pic for Phrozen by DinowCookie

Campestral and elfie_ teamed up and did a base trade, where they traded unshaded HD skins with eachother! Both of them shaded their given skin, and the results can be seen below. We love both of these fantasy medieval elves, as they're both so different and colorful!🌈

Collab with Campestral Minecraft SkinCollab with Campestral Minecraft Skin

There's not much to say about these adorable HD skins other than HOW CUTE ARE THEY?! Aspirin60 used the (seemingly boring textured) bat mob to create two totally different creatures - a beautiful colorful butterfly and an Enderdragon Baby. πŸ¦‹

Colorful Butterfly

Enderdragon Baby

Season 1, week 3 of Stream Server PBL 2021 is underway and we've seen some great skins from this week's palette. Contestants are to choose 12 of the following colors:

Here are a few contestant's entries from this week:

*Gargling Noises* Minecraft SkinGargling Noises by ThatGuyJake
Hyper Energy - Stream Server PBL (Round 3) Minecraft SkinHyper Energy by Ezio

πŸ‘» Nothing more than an empty ghost - Hatsune Miku 🎀 [PBL Week 3] Minecraft Skin
Nothing more than an empty ghost be Chabilulu

NeraMinusMinus created their own drawing program for 2D Minecraft renders which also supports texture pack - say what?!

Using their program, MCpaint, you can make 2D Renders, Minecraft sketches, thumbnails, or show off screenshots! There's a default showcase built in, as well as an atlas generator, and schematic system.

You can read more about MCpaint and its features by visiting their Blog! 🎨
This week, PCGamer published an article covering qwryzu's latest terrain, Vales of Amoril! Vales of Amoril is a massive custom 10k x 10k realistic continent with dense forests, waterfalls, mountain ranges and so much more. It happens to be the top submission from this week with over 18,000 views and over 1,000 downloads!

A well deserved press coverage of this map, the article highlights all of its features and a few facts such as the length of time it took to create this map and programs used. The author downloaded the map for themselves and expresses how awe-struck they were flying around the world, stating that the terrain looks like a real-life photograph if you fly out far enough! ⛰️


Our first armor texture pack feature is created by Neph_MC and is currently one of the top submissions from this week with over 2,000 downloads and 120+ diamonds! Neph's Better Armors changes diamond, netherite, iron and gold armor to make them have gauntlets (similar to piglin armor). The latest version includes copper, oxidized copper and emerald armor, all three of which look really rad! 😎
This second pack, Hardt's Armory + Extras created by Hardt007, offers unique textures for every book and armor enchantment (it doesn’t modify blocks or mobs) and also changes the vanilla shield! In addition to these texture changes, the pack has a few "extras" including a GUI Guide for brewing stands, and 3D rails and ladders. Being their first pack submission, we think they did a spectacular job and is one we think you should consider trying out!

BOOM! That's the sound we imagine these mini machines make as the stealthily approach you with their cuteness before blowing you up! Boom Bots replaces the creepers with boom bots and is yet another adorable creation from ShrimpSnail.

You'll find these little guys travlling on wheels, flying in the air in drone-form, or making a grand entrance as their tank variant! Whichever shape they take don't be fooled by their cuteness... RUUUUUN! πŸ’₯


From the creator of Incendium, a popular nether expansion data pack, Starmute brings you a revolutionary overworld generation data pack, Terralith! Terralith adds 100+ Biomes, caves, and more! The submission states:

"It also includes the most advanced biome layout ever created for a worldgen datapack, complete with rivers, beaches and rare island biomes to find."

We gather that Starmute gave their heart and soul into this pack and it is truly one-of-a kind, as they also state that they've crafted this pack to create a world designed for explorers, builders, miners and everyone in between an that there is something for everyone - from realistic biomes to fantasy islands.

Fun Fact: Starmute states this pack took a total of 1 year to make and 500+ hours of effort and research.

Although the pack also updates every vanilla biome in addition to , WilliamWythers created an addon for Terralith, which keeps terralith's original biomes but modifies the vanilla ones by incorperating several exisiting world generation data packs found in their William Wythers overhauled Overworld! You'll discover more structures, villages, and outposts and discover flower forests, dungeons and strongholds and more.
Monument Valley
Monument Valley

A beautiful, branching River biome
A River Biome
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