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Butcher's Yard

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Since PlanetMinecraft's Schemagic tool no longer seems to work, I've uploaded the map to Sketchfab using the Mineways application. It's not a perfect rendering - largely because it doesn't use my preferred textures/resource pack - but it's a neat way to see the project in 3D without first having to download it and import it into Minecraft.

View it here: Butcher's Yard at Sketchfab

Butcher's Yard

Cows don't conveniently turn themselves into hamburger when they die; that isn't true today and it certainly wasn't the case back in Medieval times. You needed a butcher to handle those sorts of gory details, and - unless your budding city is inhabited only by vegetarians - you will probably need a butcher's yard. So here you go; a butcher's yard. This designwas originally developed for my own Medieval Port City project but I have decided to make it available as a separate downloadable resource.

Truth be told, this probably isn't a very accurate rendition of what a Medieval butcher's yard looks like (then again, we should probably be grateful for that). But it captures the essence of the place with its numerous paddocks, the barn, a small farmhouse and even an icehouse where the meat is hung to drain. This project is intended as an easily-placeable resource for other builders that can be dropped into other projects without too much hassle.

Feedback is, as always, very welcome so leave a comment if you find this interesting or useful.

As with all my designs, it is best used with the JohnSmithLegacy texture pack, or the JimStoneCraft texture pack, which updates the resources for use wtith Minecraft v1.74 and above. It is possible to use other texture packs, but some things (especially the paintings) may look "off" if you do so.

This project uses several resources only available in Minecraft v1.74 and above, such as stained glass or larger ferns (bushes).

Like this design? Check out my Walled Medieval Town, my Motte & Bailey Castle, the Abandoned Farm, the Greenfeathers Inn and the Hill Manor. Or check out my Valley of the Knock landscape or any of my other dozen-plus designs.

You are welcome to use this design in any non-commercial mod or design of your own. All I ask is that you give me proper attribution and, if you make your work available to the public, I ask that you send me a link to it in a comment.
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