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🌍 The PMC Weekly October 19th, 2019

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created 10/19/2019 9:46 am by PMC history
last reply 10/22/2019 1:06 pm

PMCers! Happy weekend! We hope you're having a great start to your weekend, wherever you are in the world! This weekly we cover a few new cool community contests, a member who's taking on a mountainous the task for the month of October, a LIVE STEAMPUNK LESSON happening THIS Sunday, and so much more!

It's apparent that Fall is inspirational across all artistic mediums! The Fall Festival has OVER 450 entries, and we couldn't be more excited! We've seen poems, short stories, digital art, skins, projects and more festive fall submissions! We've also been keeping an eye on profiles and have seen two distinct themes: Creepy Halloweenie and fall favorites (peep Shady_Warlock and LadyBear)! You have until October 31st to enter and remember, you can enter up to 5 Times!


In case you missed it: we've collaborated with Barbarian to bring you a unique never-been-done-before official Project Contest, UNDISCOVERED CIVILIZATIONS!

We all have undiscovered talents and sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration to uncover something inside you with the power of creating entirely new UNDISCOVERED CIVILIZATIONS!!! Yes, YOU... have that power and WE, are here to spark your creative neurons. We hope you enjoy this nearly 2 MONTH long contest cause we're excited to see what the community can discover.

Barbarian has generated THREE, out-of-this-world terrains for you to choose from. You are required to download and build on one of these maps in order to enter this contest. Feel free to download all three before making your decision as they are all worth exploring.

IN ADDITION to providing 3 terrains for the contest, Barbarian also created an in-depth tutorial on How to Render with Chunky! Definitely worth a read!


Wildcard_Gamer is hosting a pallette skin contest with an extra twist! Not only do you have to use the 15 beautiful fall colors pictured to the right, but you have to make a skin that fits the theme Haunted. There are already a couple handfuls of great entries in the contest! Don't miss your chance for a personalized trophy and a chance to become the palette champion!

Deadline: November 2nd

Fishkiss_'s Atlantis skin contest is still accepting entries! You must tag your skin with #AtlantisContest or PM them with your skin!

"Mysterious deep waters,crumbling ruins, aquatic armor, wicked sea creatures,conspiracy theorists, and fish"

Such a mesmerizing GIF! DragonsDungeon and Bureine have teamed up to host a Colour grid palette challenge skin contest! They've provided you 32 colors - YOU choose up to 12 to create your skin with! Prizes include money (cha ching!) and a cool pixel art trophy.

Deadline: November 10

As a celebration of almost 1,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel,Lxna is hosting a skin competition over on Hypixel, withElvenJedi as her Co-Host!

How does it work?You wear a skin and get into a "pod" and are judged by the assigned judges and you either get coted as pass or eliminated.

The date will be on the 26th or 27th of October at 5:00 PM,(EST). Their encouraging everyone to bring their friends as there will be parkour and a raffle for a free skin!

(Projects) TypeTitle + LinkHostDeadline*
Themed contest  
Movie Themed Build Contest
October 25
Themed contest  
October 25
(Skins) TypeTitle + LinkHost Deadline
Themed contestRoman EmpireLemilasTheElfOctober 19
Reshade Contest
Halloweeny Reshade
October 19
Themed Contest  
Anime/Manga Skin ContestInnocentGay  
October 20
Palette Contest   
Palette Contest
October 20
All Category!  
Halloween 2019
Avatar2003 Official
October 25

Also, don't forget for the entire month of October it's

& here are some Prompt Lists!


Whilst some members are participating in inktober and skintober, Evmanz is taking on the task of mountober! He's posted several amazing mountain terrains including Hexteria, a 3k x 3k multi biome map! After several months of learning world machine, they put their skills to the test! It's also their first multibiome map and is created in world machine! Be sure to check out their lovely terrain and follow their journey through October as they create more!

Ryer posted his second blog in his series Architecture School. In case you missed his first Archeticure School Blog, the assignment was to make a form out of repetitive use of the same simple object.

In his second project, he was given several tasks where he has to work with lines. One such task was constructing models using bass wood. The construction had to imply a complete cube without defining it - an interesting and challenging undertaking.

CaraRose published a tutorial on Saved Toolbars! She states in the tutorial that Saved toolbars have many benefits including:
  • You can save some important blocks or mostly used. It can help you save your time searching them
  • You can save not-existed (in creative inventory) blocks there like command block or barrier etc
  • You can transfer your Saved Toolbars wherever you want with creative mode available
  • You can create templates of blocks you may planning to use in your next builds
  • You can save mc heads there and be able to take them for example to your single player map
  • You can save enchanted things there, some custom books, well, pretty much anything you want!
You can access Saved Toolbars in creative mode by pressing "E".

Knightsundere gathered data - A LOT of data - on the top 20 Skin Finalists of All time, per person placement history, and rankings based on them! They had been working on a personal research project and compiled this data up for themselves. The below spreadsheet shows the general from the extensive data collected. You can see the detailed statistics by viewing this Google Sheet.

Last week, published a new article titled Best Community Skins: September. Among other, off-site creators, PMC members DragonsDungeon and Phosphor were featured with the skins shown below. Congrats on the feature guys!

Sunset Knight Minecraft Skin
Sunset Knight
The Time Wizard Minecraft Skin
The Time Wizard


We published an interview with Gheppio last week highlighting self-replicating machines, a technology he invented and is working towards refining and optimizing. Following the interview a couple days later, Gheppio gave us an up close and personal tour of his laboratory tour (infinity labs) and even gave us a demonstration of his technology! In case you missed it, here is an index of the main topics:

0:00 Introduction
1:47 Previous creations recap
6:43 Welcome to Infinity Labs
11:28 Main Workshop
26:50 The Road Department
38:12 The Seed Tower
47:02 The Spacefinders Division & APSI
1:01:06 The loaders Division & City Servers
1:05:13 The Building Department
1:18:17 Heavy Building Division
1:20:31 Loading Cells - Let's load everything!
1:40:52 Logic Control Diagram
1:49:17 The Old Lab
1:54:48 Creating a City Together - A Simple Test

Speaking of streaming, TomConn is hosting another Building Lesson ! In September, they hosted a Terrain class - this Sunday you'll get the chance to sit on a Steampunk themed Build Lesson!!

Teacher: TomConn
Where: Thomas Disc YouTube (Livestream) + GreenLeaf Creative Server
When: 20th October 2019
19:00 UTC+2(Denmark's time)

How long: 1 hour +/-

since the creation of "wall posts" on PMC 3 years ago, there have been 151,030 wall posts as of today!
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8 replies

10/22/2019 1:06 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Archer
ο»ΏNext time baby, next time!
10/21/2019 2:12 pm
Level 29 : Expert Skinner
Can you add my contest please??

(I REALLY need more participants.....(β•―ΰ²Šβ•°) )
10/22/2019 8:21 am
Level 73 : Legendary Cake
Added. Is there a deadline?
10/22/2019 10:58 amhistory
Level 29 : Expert Skinner
Umm...depends on the speed of the participants/Not really...... ; ;
10/20/2019 9:09 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Architect
Thanks for the mention!
10/19/2019 2:06 pmhistory
Level 43 : Master Engineer
Thanks for mentioning my video! A small update for Infinity City optimization will come out tomorrow :-)
10/19/2019 6:47 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Cyborg
10/19/2019 11:09 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Ninja
Avatar2003 Official
Thanks for the mention!

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