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    Welcome to a place of random skins!

    Please note that I may randomly go inactive 

    Thank you for 200 follows!

    Skins you will often find here:

    Hair bases
    Outfit and Clothing bases
    Random characters often free to use

    Everything is free to use
    If anything here is used and uploaded,
    please credit me is all I ask!

    Contests: Most likely not
    Requests: Often no, not really. Sorry

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  • Outfit and Clothing Collection 2

    Green Sweater and Skirt .-🌼
    Pink Sweater and Skirt .-🌼
    Pink Sweater and Skirt .-🌸
    Blue Sweater and Skirt .-🌸
    Blue Sweater and Skirt .-🌷
    Yellow Sweater and Skirt .-🌹
    Yellow Sweater and Skirt .-💐
    Gray Shirt and Skirt
    +. Purple Dress .+
    ࿏✻'. Big Cozy Scarf .'✻࿏
    ࿏✻'. Big Cozy Scarf .'✻࿏
    ࿏✻'. Big Cozy Scarf .'✻࿏
    ❅~ Scarf ~❅
    ❅~ Scarf ~❅
    ❅~ Scarf ~❅
    ❅~ Scarf ~❅
    ❄. Fluffy Coat .❄
    ❄. Fluffy Coat .❄
    Beautiful Blue Dress
    White Romper
    Black Romper
    ~ Your Majesty ~
    ♥ ~ Your Majesty ~ ♥
    💧 ~ Your Majesty ~ 💧
    🍀 ~ Your Majesty ~ 🍀
    ☀️~ Your Majesty ~☀️
    ❣️ ~ Your Majesty ~ ❣️
    ❀ ~ Your Majesty ~ ❀
    ⁎✦ ~ Your Majesty ~ ✦⁎
    🖤 ~ Your Majesty ~ 🖤
    Gown and Corest
    ·․❀❧. Blooming Meadows ·․❀❧.
    🌸. Waterlilies .🌸
    Lovely Gown
    .❁. Medieval Village Dress .❁.
    Path to Glory OB
    ♥ ~ Dear Rosetta ~ ♥
    🎺~ "Loser, Baby" ~🎶
    💙~ You Blue Me Away ~🌻
    Black Party Dress
    White Party Dress
    Pink Party Dress
    Purple Party Dress
    Green Party Dress
  • Random Stuff

    Skinners that are amazing and/or give me inspiration✨

    Maybe it can it can give you inspiration too! ;3

    Cleora (Skindex link as well)
    MapleSugar ( Skindex link as well )
    Hyper9011 ( Skindex link as well )


    - Last updated: 11/18/2023 -
    . _ .. _ .

    Things I like
    Purple and Blue
    Adorable and wholesome things
    Creating Characters
    Creating Stories

    Games I Like
    Our Life: Beginnings & Always
    Stardew Valley
    Sims 4
    Five Nights at Freddy's
    Animal Crossing
    Friday Night Funk'n

    Currently, November, I am half way to getting to level 60. So. I guess just getting there and beyond?


    My DeviantArt Page
    The link I tried to set in the profile settings isn't sending to my DeviantArt page, just DeviantArt itself. So here is a link that goes directly to it
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    • WarlordCarissa's Avatar
      February 15, 2024, 12:50 pm to Public
      I feel like this these games need a bit more hype. I can see that hundreds of people already love this game, but it feels like it isn't as noticed still.
      This game is made with so much love and care, it needs to be talked about more. I can only do so much to spread word of this masterpiece of a game. If you like visual novels, romance, and brilliantly made characters, you will surely love these games! Some games like these are just lost in the bunch of so many, being a treasure waiting to be found.
      I talked about this before, about the Our Life series, because it is that well made! There is so much love and care put into every ounce of these stories. The characters feel so real and lively. They stand out so much to most other games. At least to me. They are so rich in character and development, and people really need to give it a try.

      Right now, there are two of the Our Life games. Is Our life: Beginnings & Always, the first of it. Beautiful story, well made characters from design to their development. Even a little time with the characters make you feel emotional to what changes could happen. Is so perfect that way. And a soon coming, Our Life: Now & Forever. It uses a similar start of the story, but makes it feel like it is a brand new concept. Different setting, different story to tell, but still all the love that has been put in the first one. Lively characters that will be hard not to love in there own little ways. To grow and change with. There is only a demo and I can see how amazing it will become to be, and it seems so saddening how it could easily get lost in the crowd of many.

      Please, if you could, give the game a try. It may not be for everyone, but won't hurt to try it! Could start with the first finished Our Life game, or, you could peek at the demo of the up coming second game. I don't think there is an order that matters. The game is FREE! Won't be hurting your wallets to try this game at all. If you love it, there is paid DLC for more!

      Please check them out over on Steam!:
      Our Life: Beginnings & Always: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1129190/Our_Life_Beginnings__Always/
      Our Life: Now & Forever: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1622130/Our_Life_Now__Forever/

      WarlordCarissa said 2024-02-15 13:07:39
      WarlordCarissa's Avatar
      If anyone does play it, please tell me about it!
    • WarlordCarissa's Avatar
      July 24, 2023, 10:22 am to Public
      Sorry for the lack of uploads. Almost a week with none at all! Been highly focused on this game I found on Steam. It is called, "Our Life: Beginnings & Always". It is a unique visual novel with so many options! And it is so amazing how each one is almost never forgotten! You get to make a life full of memories as the character you play as with the choice of being friends or seeking romance with a few candidates. Buuut, that is paid for DLC. Only get one without DLC, and the whole game is free! You don't need to pay a single cent if you don't want to.

      I highly recommend to play it for yourself, if you are into visual novels and romance. It is so amazing and deserves more attention. There is even a second Our Life game being made! "Our Life: Now and Forever". Only a demo is out at the time. Oh well! I'll wait for it to be out. Hope someone tries it out!

      Our Life: Beginnings & Always: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1129190/Our_Life_Beginnings__Always/
      Our Life: Now & Forever: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1622130/Our_Life_Now__Forever/

      Our Life: Beginnings & Always on Steam
    • WarlordCarissa's Avatar
      July 9, 2023, 9:25 pm to Public
      I posted it in my recently uploaded skin but I want to share it a better way to perhaps inspire!

      I used a pink that was called "Fairy Tale" and I really like that pink! So, here is the palette I had with the color!

      And hex code for just Fairy Tale pink: #EFBCD5
    • WarlordCarissa's Avatar
      June 10, 2023, 11:14 am to Public
      Bruh! How can people be so good at skinning??! Just, amazes me. Gives me so much inspiration! Who else does that? Get's deep into looking through skins, and gets inspired by it.
      TheMountaineer said 2023-06-10 11:41:26
      TheMountaineer's Avatar
      Same as well ! :D
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