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I'm sorry to all of you who will be eternally scarred from my writing :,) Who am I kidding I'm not sorry.
And if u want to be added, say so. this story is going to be wip. and i can add u into it.

This is what I'm going to do when I get bored :,)

Feel free to talk weirdness about everything in the comments I enjoy it.

Chapter One
aka day 1 of my mental writing

It was dark, two odd people were walking in a dark town. They carried many photos of their minecraft skin creations. "I bet they will want mine more than yours." Said the person wearing a cupcake on their head. The invisible Sinus Productions man laughed. "Sure, chhlo. Sure." He said. they arrived. A person made of purple ferns [PersonWhoPlaysMinecraft], a person wearing a round star mask [Oldacc_], and a ArcaneKnight stood in the dark, many others too. They noticed a tiny Kawaii lemon on the ground making constant weird slurping sounds. You could see the invisible man raising an eyebrow at the lemon because of the glasses. in the corner a tiny Whiteout- dragon was biting its tail and laughing weirdly. The invisible man and the cupcake stood and held up photos of their skins to the others. "We brought these skins we made as our payment to get into this group." The invisible man said. "But mines better." Said the cupcake. They both started hissing at each other and making other cat noises. The lemon ran by and ate their photos. "mmMmMMmMMmmmMMMM." The lemon said. MEME MEME hooted a anonpmc2713049 with a bowtie flying by, a small pidgeon flew beside him hooting, GEORGE GEORGE. Another lemon came by and the Kawaii Lemon started singing, "LEMON BOY AND I WE'RE GONNA LIVE FOREVER!!" the other lemon ran away screaming. " RadioCoyote GIVE ME THE FISH!" Vezriya yelled as Orbal passed by saying, "HEHEHEHEHEHE!!" MissErin chased after Orbal. There was a silence. "Bruh moment." Said Bee-bee. The little Whiteout- dragon blinked and said, "Aight Imma head out. Your all weird." The dragon flew away. Marma shrugged. "She's not wrong." Cyprezz walked up and said, "I baked some DinowCookies." LugiaGal- stole three cookies and ran off. HollyKitty was petting a cat, staring at everyone weirdly. "What?" Said the invisible man. "I think we need a new hangout spot. Maybe somewhere in a grassy field, and not a dark alley?" Said PMC. MissErin nodded. Culpeo stood up out of his chair making a loud noise with the chair. "I NEED EVERYONES ATTENTION!" He yelled. They all looked at him in confusion. "Ahem.. First of all, my dog ate all of my toilet paper yesterday..I need everyone to donate some to me. Second, 2019.. April 1st.. my friend deciced to eat all of my potatoes.. I cried for months and I --" AveryViolets interrupted. "What's this, your tragic backstory we're hearing?" They said. Everyone laughed and Culpeo looked at them weird. "Tomorrow we meet in this field." Said Angel, pointing to a place on a paper map. They all agreed.

Chapter Two
aka day two of mental writing

They all arrived at the field, setting down a ton of picnic blankets. "I forgot to bring a lunch." Said moeSpoon. Bee-bee had gained an ego. "I AM THE RAREBRUH, BRUH DOWN TO YOUR QUEEN." She yelled. Culpeo was throwing pebbles at a tree, petting his last potato like it was a dog. The FaiyaBLAST stole the potato and threw it as far as they could. RadioCoyote jump up and chased after it. "ORBAL NO!" Yelled Culpeo, crying about his potato. "EHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!" Said Orbal, running over the hills, victorious with the potato. Wisteri looked up at the sun and said, "DO YOU SEE THE BIG SHINY POTATO UP THERE?" chhlo looked at SpindleCloud in confusion. "WhAt?" Said Chhlo. Vezriya stood up. "THIS IS GETTING NOWHERE." She yelled. Then her tone got quieter. "And I have to get Culpeo's potato back." She ran away chasing after Orbal. "GIVE HIM BACK THE POTATO!" She yelled. Cyprezz tossed a cookie at everyones face. "Ow!" Exclaimed PickleCat. One of the cookies started growing, the one that landed on moeSpoon. "ACK!" They yelled. The cookie turned into a HUGE DinowCookie!!! "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" It yelled at everyone. anonpmc2713049 swooped by and somehow picked up the dinowcookie that was 100 times bigger than it. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEME it yelled triumphantly. "That majestic creature." Said Kawaii, looking at the tiny birb fly away. -Rae- deactivated set down their cookie and slid it back to Cyprezz. "Thanks but no thanks." Said -Rae-. Everyone else gave their cookie back. Sinus Productions started eating a sandwich, making really loud chewing noises. "stOp." Said Oldacc_. abbreviated and sxnshinee where throwing apples everywhere for some reason. MissErin came back with Orbal in a cage. "I..got..the potato." She said tiredly. "YAAAAAY!" Yelled Culpeo, taking the potato. An apple got flung into Orbal's cage. "EHEHEHEH MINE." He said, hoarding the apple like its gold. "When did Orbal become such a hoarder?" Said Rareby. "Let's go to a new place every time we meet." Said PMC. They all nodded. "Maybe this place?" Said HollyKitty, pointing to an alpine mountain. LugiaGal- shrugged, "Sure, why not." She said. MissErin dragged the cage with Orbal in it over to Rareby. "Please don't ever let him steal food again." She said. Rareby looked at Orbal. "DID YOU HEAR THAT? NO MORE FOOD STEALING!" She yelled. Orbal shoved the whole apple up his mouth. "My apple." He said. They all looked at the tv that dreamCritting brought. " Nitgo News is on." He said. "Ello I'm Nitgo, and today we're talking about artists!" Nitgo began on the tv. "We have a guest to this news report, Nozo!" Nozo walked into the video. "Hello?" Said Nozo. Nitgo continued, "Nozo is a skilled artist, there are many artists! Such as Michiru.. Xadirius, an many more!" The Nitgo news continued for a while and they watched it. When it ended PersonWhoPlaysMinecraft said, "I think we should go home now. Meet on the Alpine plains tomorrow?" They said, everyone nodded. "Bye ya weirdos." Said Whiteout-.

Chapter Three
aka day 3 of my mental writing

They all arrived on the alpine plains, Whiteout- had showed up first. FishyBusiness had brought the lunches this time. Bee-bee showed up with RadioCoyote in a cage this time. KittyCat12346 brought the picnic blankets. PersonWhoPlaysMinecraft walked up, "Do you guys know why I brought you here?" They said. "Obviously not!" Shouted back Whiteout-. "This is the natural habitat of anonpmc2713049," PersonWhoPlaysMinecraft finished. ChatieTheDragon got up, "So we can thank the great bird for saving us from the cookie!" She yelled. There was a village made of sticks and grass nearby. They walked to the village, to see a DinowCookie stuck in a twig prison, and The almighty birb and his civilians were watching it. Whiteout- got close to it and stared. "This is the thing we were afraid of?" Said chhlo. The dinowcookie snapped and roared loudly. chhlo screamed. "HAH!" Laughed Sinus Productions, only to be scared by the ferocious dinowcookie himself. Whiteout- bowed to the almighty birb, and the others did the same. "Thank you for saving us from the dinowcookie, o' mighty meme lord." Said Whiteout- in a regal manner. the almighty birb hooted. "Meme meme meme." It said, nodding. PMC gave the almighty birb a necklace with a symbol of a dinowcookie being flown away by the almighty birb. "When did you get that??" Whiteout- and Vezriya said in confusion. "I don't reveal secrets.." Said PMC.
Whiteout- rolled her eyes. RadioCoyote reached outside of his cage and grabbed a feather from the almighty birb. The birb hissed, "MEME!" It yelled, pointing at Orbal as about twenty of the birb soldiers flew down and swooped up Orbal in his cage. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Orbal yelled. Rareby jumped onto the cage and smacked the bird's toes to make them let go Orbal. Orbal looked at the almighty birb. "I'm sorry." He said, trying to put the feather back in. "Meme meme meme." hooted the almighty birb, sorry that he had overreacted to Orbal. -Rae- deactivated suddenly started talking, "I JUST SAW A FLYING POTATO!" They said. Culpeo looked around, "Do you mean the sun? Wisteri said nearly the same thing yesterday what the heck?" Said Culpeo. "Oh." -Rae- Said. They all walked home. Whiteout- was lazy so she rode on Cyprezz's head until they got close enough to the town. "Where do we meet tomorrow?" Said ChatieTheDragon. PMC looked on their map. "How about this nice forest?" They said. "Okay." Agreed everyone. "EAT PIE!" Yelled sxnshinee randomly, throwing a pie into Cyprezz's face. "ACK!" Whiteout- flew off of Cyprezz and landed on SpindleCloud's head. abbreviated laughed hysterically at the pie attack. "And we let these two come with us everywhere." Mumbled MissErin, looking at LittleMou5e and LittleBird1e. "Well, cya soon!" chllo said loudly to everyone. "Bye!" Replied everyone except orbal, who continued to make hysterical mental laughing noises.

Chapter Four
aka day 4 of my mental writing

They arrived at the forest, Sinus Productions was licking a lollipop as chhlo robbed it and ate it. moeSpoon stole all of the cupcakes that Whiteout- had brought. ArcaneKnight was singing, "Wiggle wiggle wiggle..." PMC was making a speech about how sticks come from trees. "IT GROWS ON A TREE, IT FALLS OFF OF A TREE." Said PMC.

Far off in the distance, in the birb kingdom, the DinowCookie was clawing the cage it was in. anonpmc2713049 was getting more guards to stay around it, when suddenly it broke free! The dinowcookie rampaged through the town, and into the forest.

They heard a low rumbling sound. "What's that?" Said Vezriya. -Rae- deactivated shrugged. "I DON'T KNOW HOW WOULD I KNOW?" She yelled like she was wearing headphones with music. Pat Pat Pat Pat the sound continued. "REEEEEEEEEEE!" Yelled the unknown thing. "THE DINOWCOOKIE!" Yelled LugiaGal-. Everyone started running for their life. sxnshinee and Whiteout- threw things at the dinowcookie. LittleMou5e threw pies and Whiteout- threw waffles. Culpeo tripped and dropped his potato. "NOOO MY POTATO!" He cried. abbreviated ran after the potato. She got the potato, but it was squashed and covered in dirt. The dinowcookie got pie in it's eye so it stopped. They outran the dinowcookie, for now.. LittleBird1e layed the potato down in front of Culpeo. "NOOO MY SON!" He cried. They walked to a clear area in the forest. They dug a hole and put the potato in. Culpeo put his hand over his heart. "He was a great person." He said, sniffing. Whiteout- was cringing to death in the corner. "Potato died blah blah blah. Can we go yet?" Whined PersonWhoPlaysMinecraft. "No! We have to bury my son." Said Culpeo. Culpeo found a grave shaped rock and some wild flowers. He found a sharp rock and etched, "Potatey, R.I.P 2020-2020" into the grave stone. "He lived a good long life." Said ChatieTheDragon. They all prayed to Potatey. Whiteout- continued to cringe. Everyone else was secretly cringing, but wasn't showing it as much. They heard a "REEEEEEEEE!" And quickly buried the potato and ran. chhlo took a picture of the grave stone, laughing hysterically. They kept running and running, and soon escaped the dinowcookie again. "Where do we meet tomorrow?" Asked Sinus Productions. Cyprezz looked at the map. "How about here?" said Cyprezz, pointing at a different field. They nodded. "Alrighty." Said Marma. Suddenly a chickenpants93 came out of the forest, "BAWSAN." It said randomly. They all stared at it. It ran away laughing.

And then they walked home, knowing the dinowcookie was out there now..

Added Quote: "Rip Potatey" - PMC
{I had to add this quote even tho I said I'm not adding quotes to old ones.}

Chapter Five
aka day 5 of my mental writingterwgewg

They all arrived in the new field, laying down some picnic blankets. "Wafflessss...." Said Whiteout- randomly. Culpeo was crying so hard, "Potatey!" He sobbed. PMC patted Culpeo on the back. "It's okay." Said PMC. chickenpants93 ran around in circles, screaming "OOOOOOOGLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYY!" For some reason. TsukiaKari was having a pie fight with sxnshinee. chhlo threw rocks at Sinus Productions and HollyKitty. they heard a Pat Pat Pat in the distance. "Oh no.." Said Kawaii. "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" The creature yelled. "NOT AGAIN!!" Screeched dreamCritting. They all ran as the DinowCookie cam into view. They ran so far they reached the forest they were in yesterday. The dinowcookie was gone. A light glowed in the forest. "What's that?" Asked moeSpoon. "I don't know." Said abbreviated. They walked towards the glowing light. It was Potatey's grave. The potato floated out of the grave and then landed, looking like a fresh potato. "POTATEY!!" Cried Culpeo. Culpeo hugged Potatey. Whiteout- facepalmed. "How..." Said Cyprezz. "Great, the creepy potato is back." Said PersonWhoPlaysMinecraft, throwing down their arms in exasperation.
The potato mewed. RadioCoyote yelped. He wasn't in a cage anymore. "It's just a pOtAtO." Said Bee-bee to Orbal. They walked back to their field, watching Potatey closely, expecting a kitten to fall out. It did not happen. Vezriya threw fish at everyone. Orbal twitched. "That was all you needed the fish for.." He said. "Where will we be meeting next time?" Asked LugiaGal-. "I dunno.. lets let [​THE COMMENTS] decide what biome." ArcaneKnight suggested. "Okay." Replied LugiaGal-. "LOOK ITS MOM!" Yelled Culpeo, showing his potato a potato bush. "THAT GUY HAS PROBLEMS." Yelled -Rae- deactivated, observing the awkward scene. "We should get a therapist.." Muttered Lemilas. "I KNOW RIGHT." -Rae- yelled. "Why do you talk so loud?" Asked fluffybootz. "I DON'T TALK LOUD." -Rae- yelled, offended. The majestic anonpmc2713049
flew high above them, autumnistic looked up, "Beautiful." They exclaimed. everyone agreed. "Alright lets head home." Said Aspirin60. They nodded. "See you soon." Replied Chhlo. "Bye!" Said Kawaii. "Cya." Said Sinus Productions.

The potato mewed.

akA dAy sIX oF mY MEnTaL WrItiNG


JadeFire170 welcomed everyone to the dance. "WELCOME!! Oh, Welcome to my hell! Welcome to hell!" She repeated to everyone. People arrived wearing bee suits, hasmat suits, and wonderful vegetable costumes. Sinus Productions arrived with -Evie, they both wore cauliflower suits. Whiteout- and -Rae- deactivated were wearing bee suits, and many others came in weird wonderful costumes. dreamCritting threw tridents everywhere on the dance floor. "Trident go ding," they said weirdly. "GET YO TRIDENTS OFF MY FLOOR!" Yelled JadeFire170. "I have brought my date!" Culpeo exclaimed dramatically. "Mew." Said Potatey. Everyone stepped away from Potatey. It was time for the group photo, the yall got inside the green screen room. Whiteout- and -Rae- dabbed. "OH YEAH MAN DAB DAB DAB!" Screamed -Rae- and Whiteout-. "So loud." Said chhlo. They walked to the dance floor for the slow dance. Sinus Productions and kappuccino were still on the entrance, battling. The slowdance was weird, Fishkiss started taking photos of everyone and posting them online. Nozo bought a huge lemon at the lemonade stand for some reason. Wolfy Mystic played the waffle song and they all jammed to it. Wolfy_Mystic ran for his life as he saw -Rae- and Whiteout- put on their Puffer Cult hats. "We have a challenger." Said Oldacc_, pointing at the cake cult members. -Rae- hissed. "UNDER THE MISTLETOEEEEEEE!" Yelled a random pale yellow and black dragon. The dragon ran away. "What." Said Chabileo. CaelChan shrugged. "I dunno." they said. Everyone flew out of the map and landed in some futuristic place with broken portals. "Welp we broke the universe!" Said JadeFire170. Everyone clapped. "we did it!" They said. "Good job guys!" Said chickenpants93. Witherbrine1001 took pictures.

Quote of this story from comments: "Welp bois we did it. The universe is no more." - Chickenpants93

The end.
sorry I was inactive to making these stories but im too lazy to make one up so this is a bonus story where I exaggerate the prom.


Chapter Seven
aka day whatever of my mental writing im mental hlepl me pls

They all walked to the mushroom biomes, the ground was squishy so -Evie jumped all over it. They noticed a RystaButAteASock sock laying on the ground, it had a waffle sticker anda fork next to it. "What the heck?" Said Sinus Productions, staring at the weird sock. "WHY IS THERE A SOCK HERE?!" Yelled -Rae- deactivated. Everyone covered their ears. "Would you plEaSe stop yelling?" JadeFire170 said a little loudly, as if her ears had just burst. "N O." Replied -Rae- loudly. "Did anyone bring lunch?" Asked Vezriya. Culpeo was arguing with Potatey, no one heard Potatey saying anything. "Uh..do you--need help?" Asked Chabileo. "No. I'm just apologizing to Potatey for ignoring them at the prom. But Potatey is TOO STUBBORN." Culpeo yelled. CaelChan looked at Culpeo. "Uhhhh..alright then I know to avoid yo- the potato now." CaelChan said. dreamCritting threw a TV out of their bag, along with tridents. "How--how did that fit in there?" Whiteout- said with confusion. jellyfishh shrugged. "who knows." Said AstroVulpix. Suddenly RookiePlayer started screaming, "WAFFLES, I LIKE WAFFLES! WAFFLES ARE THE BEST I LIKE WAFFLES YEAH WAFFLES OH YEAH WAFFLES WA-" IHasFins slapped them. "Shh, theres a pancake over there." They said. Every waffle gasped.
They ignored the pancake. "Hey guys I made more DinowCookies!" Said Cyprezz. "NO GET THOSE THINGS AWAY I NEVER EATING THOSE COOKIES AGAIN!" Screamed moeSpoon. LugiaGal- was munching on food weirdly. Everyone started dancing really weird and singing. "AAAAAAOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" They screamed. All the birds in the whole entire place flew away. "Well this has been fun, I wonder where we will go next time!" Said Kawaii. "Well bye!" Said PMC. "Cyaaa!" Everyone said.

Chapter Eight
aka like something like 8th day of mental except its been months.


The planet minecraft group trekked through the sock realm, dangers lurking nearby. Culpeo screamed as a pink sock monkey jumped over him. "DA HECKITY HECK DOODLE BUG DIGGITY DOG WIGGLE WOBBLE PADDY WACK DOUBLE DAB KIBBLE KROBBLE IS THAT?" -Rae- deactivated screamed, pointing at a moldy RystaButAteASock sock. Cyprezz threw a DinowCookie at it and the dinowcookie was eaten by the sock. "Uh-" Pixelgon stepped away from the evil sock. Suddenly a really dirty looking JadeFire170 came out of the sock bushes. "Beware the sock king..." She said in a wavering spooky voice. Whiteout- eyed the strange JadeFire170. "You okay--?" Creative_Kylee said to JadeFire170. She shook her head. "No one is safe in the sock realm.." She whispered loudly. TropicalTuNA slapped JadeFire170 and ran away screaming. "The heck was that?" Kawaii said in confusion. Suddenly a couple of them vanished, and teleported into unknown caves. Kawaii, chickenpants93 and Culpeo were teleported. "DA HECK?" Screamed -Rae-


Kawaii flopped onto the floor, stuck inside a caved in cavern. "Uhhhh--" Opening and closing chest sounds filled the cave. Kawaii squeaked in terror. She turned around to see a sock cow. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!" She screamed literally annihilating the rocks in her path and running back to the group. "MAGIC COW OF DOOM." She screamed.


chickenpants93 was in a room. A microphone in the middle. "Well I know what I should do here." He said to himself. He started singing the legendary rick roll song. "nEvEr GoNANa GiVIE YoUu UpP NEvR BGoNNAa lETt yooUU DOOWnn---"
The magic of the song was too powerful for anything to hold back. He teleported back to the group.


Culpeo was in the middle of nowhere. Potatey was in a prison cell in front of him. "AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!" He screamed. "eep." Potatey squeaked. The potato god started floating and the magic of the potato destroyed the cell. "YES." Culpeo said. They ran to find their group, after about an hour they found them.


"Okay what was that." PMC said. chickenpants93 never gave up that microphone. "I don't know." Said Kawaii, still mentally scarred by the sock cow. Everyone did the worm and travelled the sock realm, until finally finding the sock portal back to home.

The end

for now....

p.s. the sock king was half pancake so it wasn't very troubling

Fanart Of The Story:

CreditMy mentalness

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Lol its about socks, could you add me in? Please?
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I do believe that chapter 9 will be taking place in between of chapter 7 and 8
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