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Level 56 : Grandmaster Loremaster
Basically, this is what PMC would be if it were real and not an online fansite for a bunch of people that play a game where everything is square.
If you want to be added to the People section, check out this forum thread I made for it.
Title image by CosmoX45. (Not for the blog, but used for the blog with their permission.)

Planet Minecraft
Planet Minecraft is one of many planets in the vastness of space. It is much like Earth, having the same structure with a core at the center and a crust on the outside. The crust is covered in water, and across this water are various islands, each home to their own nations with their own governments. It was created by Cyprezz on October 17th, 2010, and they are the highest gods of this world. (See the "Gods" section for more information.)

Profile Page
Every person on PMC has their own profile page that they can access online, where they can write a bio for themselves ("About" widget), show what they look like (profile pic or featured skin), and even like and favorite stuff others have made (diamonds and favorites). People can even see trophies you've earned and pets you own (the "Trophy Case" widget).
If you have a home, maybe the custom widgets on your profile page are parts of your home. For example, I used to have an "Art Gallery" widget, and in my house in the lore I have a wall where I display some of my artwork.
In your home, you can also have a trophy case where people who visit can see the physical trophies you have.
You could also own pets that can run around or be put in a room or told to stay in one area (Pets and the "Dismiss" button).

Online, people can post threads on forums about topics they want to talk about, or make polls on them to see and learn things about the community.
Wall Post
On the Posts app, people tend to post about things, be it serious stuff or silly madness.
A group is a community created by someone. These groups could make themselves at home in a city, or build a town on an uninhabited island. Here's some stuff about the groups I'm in.
The PMC Soda Community
That has its own lore with IGEBM lore, and it's better if I post it on a separate blog (because I'm gonna write a story about it), but here's a short summary of what it is:
After the PMC Soda Wars that happened on the mainland, IGEBM and OrderOutOfChaos started a new town called Sodaville, where people could drink and love soda in peace without starting wars over which is better. This town was built on one side of a long, deep canyon, but there's a bridge across to the mainland.

In PMC City, unusual_frog_likes_bread started a club called the Fun, Friends, and Free Frogs, or FFFF, where people who loved frogs or toads could join. They have their own building called the FFFF Center, where you can register to join and they host frog-themed events and talk about frogs. Those who join are given an FFFF card, which allows you to enter the rooms in the building to do stuff.

The Grimm Knight's Circus of Nightmares
A circus was started by TheGrimmKnight, a world-renowned mech pilot and engineer, but they haven't done any shows yet. You can, however, visit the carnival where they're based. It's just outside the limits of PMC City, on a floating island. Some of the job positions have been filled. For example, I, IGEBM, am a merchant. The circus can be accessed via an elevator, or, if you really want exercise, a very, very, very steep stairwell.

The Official BENT Group
This has its own lore, which you can read for yourself in the stories, but let me give a short summary here. GoldenScientist started a competition between mobs over the Enchanted Netherite Trophy. It's called Battle for the Enchanted Netherite Trophy.

The PMC D&D Campaign
Rakkitatoru formed a D&D club in PMC City, but it's since fallen under new management after she left the club. Now it's run by Ulimate Dungeon Masters Crois and IGEBM, as well as his mirror universe counterpart DarkGEBM666.

The Cholan Empire
A new country started by Elightin_elytra, the Cholan Empire is a place of equality and creativity for anyone to join.

The Cryptic Family
On an island covered in dark oak trees, the dark Guts N Pixels, at the time known as CrypticMorbid, formed the Cryptic Family after he was exiled from the world by the people that run PMC City, due to his dark writings and the authorities having to deal with several monsters released by his books. However, he found that he was not alone. Many joined his family, and soon he had an entire community that supported him. He has since left the family and now it's run by Apsect of Horror OrderOutOfChaos and his Fear Priests, the Horror Toad Aspirin60, the Corrupted DarkRob333, Pyromaniacal Firestar2477278, and the Ghostly GhostlyBit_57.
The Forge
The great blacksmith TheCrypteral moved to a taiga island and formed a community, the Forge, where blacksmiths, whitesmiths, yellowsmiths, and redsmiths could come and work in peace, forging weapons and armor. Up on the hill of the taiga island now lives Rakkitatoru, who used to visit her mage tower there from time to time, but now lives on the island full-time, not as a member of the community, but rather as an enchanter of gear.

Nether Empire Official Group
In the Nether, the great king [​insert group founder name here] formed the Nether Empire, a great kingdom for all to visit, whether they live in the Overworld, the End, or the Nether.

Child murdererIce cream maker Haza founded the ice cream company known as Hazcumber Inc, where workers make ice cream out of children and sell it to people across PMC. Several of the stores were actually built by me.
However, Hazcumber Inc. may close down soon. You see, one of Haza's employees - IGEBM's friend OrderOutOfChaos - failed to sell enough ice cream on March 19th, 2023, and was going to be made into ice cream by Haza, but he escaped. He went to the law firm IGE worked at and told him everything, and he suggested they gather evidence that Haza is a murderer, since there's currently none and thus filing a lawsuit would be pointless.

Circle of Caring Souls
The Circle of Caring Souls is a church founded by ShadowOnTheLoose. They focus on finding underrated PMCers and telling the world about their talents so they can be recognized. They do this via posters they make as well as their website, Caringsouls.com.

Metal Militia
The Metal Militia is a club formed by IGEBM, based in PMC City, for rock and heavy metal fans all around.

The Nugget Factory
LegendarySi's new business is a company called the Nugget Factory, which is a restaurant that sells all kinds of chicken nuggets. Among its employees are Stormy, ghostoftheglade, and IGEBM (as a side job, he didn't quit his law firm). Somehow, Si has a license to sell these nuggets, even though there have been reports that the secret nuggets aren't safe, especially since the menu says their main ingredient is redacted. However, people have been focusing less on that and more on the fact that two people have tried to rob the place.
The Fruit Club
CrownDeluxe runs a fruit stand, and, in addition to that, a whole club for fruit lovers. However, the Fruit Club is about to become more prominent since, in the wake of Chaos' death in the Nether War, he left the job of continuing Pixel People to Tem, so the fruit stand may also be turning into an art shop.

Below are some groups I'm not a part of but wanted to write about:
Under the Rainbow
An LGBTQIA+ organization run by Daggsy, Spongie, 00O3, spookyshxdow, cloverznook, and Myyoyo, they help LGBTQIA+ people with coming out, provide them with comfort if anyone is ever mean to them because they're LGBTQIA+, and so much more. They also host the Rainbow Challenge event in PMC City.

Planet Minecraft has two types of gods. Here's a guide to them.
When someone on or from PMC mentions a god, they're usually referring to one of three omnipotent beings on a higher plane of existence. These three gods have a partial say in what happens on their planet and are worshipped by some of its population.

Cyprezz is the creator of Planet Minecraft. He looks like a silver robot with green highlights, and he has one large, square green eye and another smaller red one. He is the most famous of the gods of PMC, and occasionally comes down to the planet to visit his creations.

Paril is another god who aids Cyprezz in watching over Planet Minecraft. He resembles a normal PMCer with dark blue pants, a light green shirt, a green sweater, brown shoes, and brown hair, but he lacks eyes. He keeps a closer eye on the realms of the afterlife, ensuring that dead souls safely arrive in afterlife.

Mrs. PMC is the wife of Cyprezz and she is associated with cake (for reasons I don't know). She primarily aids her husband in his job of watching over PMC, and sometimes come down to conduct interviews with notable PMCers.

The other type of god on Planet Minecraft is the significantly less powerful demigod. To keep things in order on early PMC, Cyprezz, Paril, and Mrs. PMC created a group of beings, each with a fraction of their power, that could watch over PMCers in a much closer fashion. However, certain demigods chose to step down and return their powers. The gods of PMC would then look for others who they deemed worthy enough to bear them, and when they found someone, they would contact them and give them said powers.

As society developed and governments were formed, a city was built on the Mainland known as PMC City. In the center of this city, Cyprezz Tower was constructed, and here, the demigods made themselves at home. They formed the Council of Mods, who had the highest authority across the world, no matter where you from, and who could communicate with their creators. The council is led by one of the demigods, and every once in a while, they are joined by a new PMCer granted the powers of a demigod.

Certain demigods have larger fragments of the gods' powers than others. Using percentages, two of them have 30%, 20 have 20%, and 4 of 10%. (Outside of the lore, the 30% people are the Super Moderators, with orange nametags, the 20% people are the yellow-nametagged Site Moderators, and 10% people are the forum and chat mods.)

The Council of Mods
Head Councilman Silabear
Councilman Palaeos
Councilman Foxy
Councilman dreamCritting
Councilman Boscawinks
Councilman Drzzter
Councilman Thezi
Councilamn Karrfis
Councilman _Phantasm
Councilman GoggleD0GG (newest member)
Councilman Indraft
Councilman ChronoFury
Councilman Adrestio
Councilman smack17
Councilman Luis
Councilman Hashs
Councilman Uknownymous
Councilman Geforce
Councilman Mursuppa
Councilman Bertiecrafter
Councilman xalixalix
Councilman Jack
Councilman star_weaver
Councilman AnimeFanFTW
Councilman Noobator
Councilman Spectral

The currency of PMC is called a Planet Mine Token, or PMT for short.

Creative Fun-gible Tokens, or CFTs, are a new digital trading card collection released by the Council of Mods on April 1st. (Luckily, they weren't an April Fools' joke.)

Here's the text on the back of each pack:

Our CFTs are not just any old fungies. No, no. These are pixel friendlies algorithmically assembled into supposedly unique characters that are then minted onto digital collectable playing cards. We call them "Fun-gible Friends" (FGF) because, well, they're just so darn fun, friendly and interchangeable!?

CFT Cards are assigned an underlying rarity, with an overlying range from common to mythic, depending on the combination of parts, colors and attributes that make the friend. Will you be lucky enough to snag a legendary card featuring a rare combination of features? Or will you seek to trade and collect a personal favorite set to become a PMC CFT FGF master?!

On the official website and announcement blog, this was also added:

Since we are overly confident in your eagerness to get your hands on these cards, we're inflating our prices and adding more hidden fees! There's no better time than now. Grab your starter pack! Trust us, these CFTs are going to make you a crypto-art gazillionaire overnight! So get ready to trade, collect, and show off your unique and creative CFTs to friends that care and foes that are just jealous.

As a special bonus for our early adopters, we're giving away a complimentary starter pack of three CFT cards to every person who starts collecting.

But wait, there's more to the game! In addition to your complimentary starter pack, you can also claim a priceless daily pack containing a single precious CFT card every 24 hours. That's right - every day, you'll have a chance to add to your collection.

Now for the gravy, in addition to the starter pack and dailies, you can also purchase packs using our shiny Planet Mine Tokens (PMTs)! Use your PMTs to purchase additional CFT cards and expand your collection even further. Who knows - you might even be able to exchange your rare and unique cards for more PMT, becoming a master of both the CFT game, crypto world and keeping up with the hottest abbreviations! Get ready to buy, sell, and trade your way to the top with your PMT and CFTs!

Credit to Cyprezz for writing part of this (for the CFT page on this site)

There are many locations on PMC that are worth visiting, whether they are entire nations or simply landmarks. Here, I will be separating each nation/city/whatever into a different dropdown, and within that dropdown, I will describe the area and it's climate (thanks to Craylow for inspiring me to write about climate, which led to this entire "Locations" section) and also landmarks within the area. A full map is shown below:
PMC City
PMC City is located on the Mainland, and it's a city built in the entire southwestern region of the Mainland. The climate of the entire Mainland varies depending on where you are, but PMC City can get quite windy in the last few months of the year, as well as being very chilly at that time, with temperatures averaging 36°F. When it's summertime, the city is quite warm, with temperatures averaging 97°F. Since the city is essentially the capital of the world, being located relatively in the center of it as well, it is considered a hub for people of other nations. Many businesses are based in PMC City, including Emmin Fashion, Piaccu Poems, Hazcumber Inc, PMC Pizza, and the Nugget Factory, and the outskirts of the city are also home to the PMC Military base (which extends to an island off the coast of the Mainland) and the PMC Intelligence Agency (PMCIA). The city's docks are also the location of a large fish market and trading business between many nations, an area known as the PMC City Wharf. Lastly, the center building of the city, Cyprezz Tower, contains four Nether portals, one of which leads to the Nether Empire's lands, and below the building is an End portal leading to the End Nation located across the outer End islands.

The Double Stone Pyramid
On the plains of the Mainland lies a simple but important structure: the Double Stone Pyramid. This is a pyramid built on November 5th, 2010, and it was the very first structure ever built on Planet Minecraft and the very first thing ever created on the planet. It was built by Cyprezz himself when he went down to the planet in a physical, robotic form. Within the first pyramid a second with a fountain and torches. Nowadays, the land around the pyramid is property of the PMC government, and any attempts to deface it or the defacement of it will result in execution. Not that anyone's gotten onto the land, since it's guarded 24/7 by the best security officers the planet has ever seen.
Forge Island
The taiga island which the Forge village is built on, called Forge Island is very peaceful, with beautiful wildlife. It is located about 150 miles southeast of PMC City. The village spans across most of the island, save for the large spruce forest located on a portion of the island. The island gets a lot of rain, leaving the ground damp a lot of the time, but luckily, the forges are all covered with overhangs, so the smithing isn't interrupted. The average temperature on the island is 64°F, but it gets very cold in the winter, with temperatures dropping to the mid-20s. The village itself is built around the town square, which is home to a bonfire on a stage, where town meetings and events are held. Most of the homes have forges on the porch, and the mayor's house is located near the halfway point between the edge of town and the square. On the outskirts of town, on the side of a small mountain (Mt. Crypteral), is Rakkitatoru's mage tower, where she enchants armor for the smiths of the Forge. Further up the mountain is the safe cave where the townsfolk are supposed to evacuate to in the event of something like an invasion or large emergency.

Morbid Island
This island, located 200 miles southwest of PMC City, was settled on by Guts N Pixels (back when he was known as CrypticMorbid) and the early members of the Cryptic Family, and it was named Morbid Island by him. The Family built a village on the island. The island has similar temperatures to the Forge, though a little colder, and it's also foggy most of the time. The most notable thing about the island is that it's home to a massive volcano, Mt. Aranaktu, which is currently dormant. However, it can be activated when needed, by combining the magic of the Fear Priests and Lord of Terror.

Chola Island
The Cholan Empire was built on a large island below the equator, approximately 470 miles southeast of Morbid Island, which became known as Chola Island. The island is quite warm, with temperatures almost always in the 80s and 90s in Spring and Summer, and in the mid-to-late 50s and 60s in Fall and Winter. The island is ruled over by the benevolent King Elightin_elytra, and it's a popular tourist destination, with many different attractions such as Zibonzi Beach (named for one of Elightin's friends, Zibonzi) and the Rob Carnival (named for another friend, Rob333). Tourists tend to stay at the Emmin Hotel (named for his friend, Emminlk12).

The island of Sodaville is located roughly 100 miles north of the eastern end of Forge Island and roughly 150 miles south of the eastern end of the Mainland. It was initially the site of the PMC Soda Wars, which was a contained conflict consisting of 2 short wars to decide what the best soda was. At the end of the second war, the CocaCola Civil War, the different factions were united by IGEBM and his friends, and together, they founded a town called Sodaville, with IGE and his friends Peter, TheMcPig, TacoFromLeSky, and 2000sindie (Kiwi) serving as its leaders. As the weeks passed, however, they all left. IGE and Peter returned to PMC City, Pig set out on adventures across the world, and Taco and Kiwi disappeared. Sodaville was struggling, and after stopping the Maddened One, IGE decided to reunite with Taco and Kiwi (Pig was busy and Peter had been killed by the Maddened One) and work on rebuilding the town. Alas, it once again fell apart, but they were doing much better this time, and in late 2023, Pig contacted IGE, and the two met there for the first time in almost a year. Pig told his friend that he was going to be moving back there, and while IGE soon left for PMC City, he remained there to take care of the town.

Life and Death
PMCers are created on a regular by the three gods and just... appear in PMC City.

(This is non-storyteller IGE talking to tell you that how people come into the world and their age was never much of a concern for me in terms of the lore, hence why it's been reduced to one sentence. Death, on the other hand, is something me and LegendarySi know all too well...)

PMCers can die in a multitude of ways, from old age to illness to war to murder. There are a few rituals that can be performed to bring someone back from the dead, but usually, if you're dead, you're dead and you go up the afterlife. On Shiver Island, there is a high level of paranormal energy, especially at midnight, and in October, it's so strong that ghosts can visit the mortal plane, and souls left behind have a chance to finally ascend.

In 2023, the mortality rate of PMCers shot up. Oddly, most of it wasn't even because of the war and near-apocalypse in the first half of that year. Because of this, a gravedigger named Silas (or Si for short) bought the rather small PMC City Cemetery, renaming it the PMC Cemetery and expanding it. He (along with his team) is now in charge of burying the dead from across Planet Minecraft, and keeps an archive of deaths and causes in his office there.
Your Status in IGEBM Lore
Active (doesn't matter how much) member = alive
Taking a break = phased out of stories and events until you come return
Unannounced leave = disappeared (for example, with LogMaiden, I wrote that there was an investigation for a few months, and then she was pronounced dead)
Left = dead (if you're someone I knew, I'll dedicate a story to you and most likely kill you off in said story, like in this one)
Banned (the max is 10 years) - imprisoned, then released when you're unbanned (remember, a ban is temporary removal of posting privileges, and a lock is the usually permanent removal of the ability access an account)
Account locked due to being underage - imprisoned, then released when the mods unlock you for being of age to be on the site
Account locked permanently for TOS violation - dead (if you're someone I knew, I'll dedicate a story to you and most likely kill you off in said story, like in this one)

Here's some people on PMC. The collection also contains personas for these people so you can visualize what they look like.
Lord Piaccu of the End

Lord Piaccu of the End is a poet. He started his poetry business writing poems when given one word to write about. Soon, it evolved into making poems of all kinds, which he posts in wall posts. You can find him in PMC Park, sitting on a bench (he lives near the park), writing poems. Here's one of them: "Dark time and late night. Sun rising making light. I really like starlight. See that i can at night. That's what i really like."
You can find this and more poems on Le Piaccu's website, Piaccupoems.com.

Towards the end of July 2023, Piaccu announced that he would be leaving PMC sometime in February to spend a while in the Void, and command of the End Kingdom would fall to Commander Worpin, Head of the Ender Royal Guard.


Trotelot (Trot for short) is an arsonist, and a good one at that. Good friends with ShadowOnTheLoose, she spends her nights burning down and blowing up buildings, under the guise of a male arsonist (her persona change). Because of this second identity, no one knows that that one girl with white hair and an orange streak in it, wearing gray, black, and orange clothes, is also a wanted (allegedly) crazed arsonist that always strikes at night...

Sadly, on January 22nd, 2023, Trotelot went missing after she was finally caught by the PMC City Police Department. She was burning down a house just on the edge of the city when a pair of PMCCPD officers patrolling the area caught her. Trot fled the scene as fast as she could, racing through the forest around the city. The cops got tired of searching and went back to the station to report her missing. The next day, a few things happened: one, the identity of the masked arsonist was revealed (and Shadow woke up to find camera crews at her door), several people (including the cops) rejoiced at the fact that Trot was missing, and Shadow (after escaping the camera crews around her home with her teleportation powers) formed a search party for Trot with her boyfriend TheCrypteral (Chaos), that were going to work on finding their missing friend.

A miracle occurred on February 8th, 2023, at around 7:50 PM ET, Shadow and Chaos, as well as few others, were searching through the woods after they had gotten reports of a forest fire. They found Trot in a small log cabin she had built. Each of the searchers hugged their newly-found friend and took her to Shadow’s house in secret. Trot was going to have to lay low for a while until things blew over with the cops. However, IGEBM called with a plan about an hour after they found her, since his phone was on silent and he didn’t see Chaos’ text.

Forgemaster Chaos Crypteral

Chaos Crypteral, spent his childhood studying under the tutelage of the best smiths, learning all 4 forms of smithing: blacksmithing, whitesmithing, yellowsmithing, and redsmithing, and as an adult founded the Forge community in late October of 2022 (last year at the time of writing this). Though he knows all four forms of smithing, Forgemaster Chaos mostly spends his time in forges as a blacksmith. His personal favorite weapon is his Sgian Dubh, gifted to him by a blacksmith who he regarded as a father figure.

Sadly, Chaos died in the Fall of PMC City, sacrificing his life by detonating a grenade to collapse the entrance to the cave the PMC Military and Forge warriors were fleeing to.

o7 o7 o7 o7 o7


Log was an artist and master goldsmith. Known for her beautiful artwork of people, Log swiftly became a prominent member of PMC society. She did commissions as well, and was based in PMC City, where her apartment was an art studio. However, Log moved to the Chaos' island, the Forge, when the nation was founded, because another hobby of hers was smithing. Registering as a goldsmith, Log forged intricate gold armor sets and weapons, including a series of armor sets for mobs like dogs, and armor sets based on mobs, like an iconic one based on the Ender dragon herself. In addition to forging, she also drew pictures of her forgings to go with them. Log became such an important member of the Forge community that Chaos invited her to become one of his new Apprentices, which would help him out around the island. Log accepted, and helped out with registering forgings and bulletin board posts, as well as overseeing the harvesting of wood that happened every week in the forest.

In December of 2022, Log briefly left the island to oversee the construction of a small village for a nomad guild on a faraway island. The construction of the village was completed, but Log never returned from the island. Both PMC City authorities and Forge authorities visited the island and asked the guild master if he knew where she was, but he told them she went for a walk one day and never returned. A joint investigation between the PMC City Police and the Forge Police began in an effort to figure out where she went, but after 2 months, the search yielded no results and Log was presumed dead by both nations.


DarkGEBM is from a mirror universe, and he's a version of IGEBM from a mirror universe. He was admitted to an insane asylum in his home universe, but escaped and came through a portal created by ShadowGoldenScientist to this world, where he tried to kill me for a bit, started a civil war between the CocaCola Army, and is currently reforming and will hopefully be a good person one day.

DarkGEBM fell in with the Maddened One, another version of IGEBM from Chaoseus 1122.27. After learning he wouldn't have a place his master's new multiversal empire, he betrayed him and aided the IGEBM of Normax 1010.17 in sending him to unspace, before disappearing from the public eye. (These events are fully recounted in PMC: Apocalypse.)


Tzyber S. Machine was once a black market arms dealer, but his operation was busted by the authorities. He managed to escape and now works as a hitman taking out people with his special set of weapons. He is also a master when it comes to martial arts, knowing karate, jujitsu, and taekwondo. Basically, he's a cooler and more robotic version of John Wick. For more information on him, read this. He is also from the future, and was built near human extinction as an android meant to combat the reason for the apocalypse (designated TZY-302), but traveled to the past on December 7th, 3021 (and arrived 1000 years earlier) to experience what life was like then. The time machine used to send him back was destroyed, leaving him stranded on PMC to live out the world in its last 1000 years of existence. No one seems to believe his warnings about Judgement Day coming one day, either, except for IGEBM.

Recently, Tzyber hasn't been taking hitman jobs, instead exploring the world. He was dropped off at the Cholan Empire by Captain Clay on the night of April 7th, 2023, and later took another boat to visit Sodaville, before finally being spotted (most recently) walking through the Forge village.

When the Maddened One, the entity that would cause the apocalypse from his future, arrived in his universe from a failed collider test he was attending, his memories came back and he aided IGEBM, Si, Dr. Golden, and Greief in stopping him and preventing the apocalypse he would cause, even battling one of the Maddened One's Four Horsemen, his old friend DarkIce. (These events are fully recounted in PMC: Apocalypse.)

A Note
"No one could foresee
The end that came so fast"

- "Skeletons of Society" by Slayer

(This note is now null and void as it was a hint at the then-upcoming series PMC: Apocalypse.)

The TNT Diamond Wolf

The TNT Diamond Wolf is the name used for a person named Wolf, a hermit who lives far away on deserted island. Many have heard legends about him being an axe-wielding madman who lives with an army of dogs, and who feasts on other PMCers if they come to his island, before feeding what's left to his pets. However, 99% of the tales about him are fake, and he's actually a very sane person. I've been to his island before, when I passed by it on the way to would one day become Hell's Island.


Pig is a computer nerd, an a master tech specialist. He was recognized for his exemplary technology skills by a secret agency known as the Planet Minecraft Intelligence Agency, or the PMCIA, and was hired to work there in the Intelligence division. However, what people don't know is that he is also an expert when it comes to explosives. One day, he left the PMCIA and became a normal citizen again, and Pig soon found himself working as a weapons supplier supplying weapons to IGEBM's CocaCola Army and CocaCola Purists during the PMC Soda Wars. He currently resides in Sodaville.


Grimm Knight is a former member of the Mech division of the PMC Military, and he led a squad of master mech pilots known as the Evangelion Squadron. One day, they were flying into a battle when one of the pilots, Eva-1, was shot down and his mech was blown up, along with him inside. The Evangelion Squadron soon found their members drooping like flies to the enemy's mecha disruptor cannons, and Grimm was the only one that made it out alive. Too scared to lose anyone again, he resigned from his position as captain, and opened a circus.

Grimm later fell in the climactic Battle of PMC City at the end of the Nether War, self-destructing his mech to destroy the Heart of the End, which was strengthening King Noncommercial's mech.

Formerly, Peter was an explorer, devoted to finding new species in the depths of the oceans of PMC. One day while traveling, he was shipwrecked on an island called Morbid Island. Peter was found on the shore by two Scare Seekers (members of the community) and taken care of by the medics. In PMC City, the authorities had given up on their search for him after several days and he was pronounced dead. To this day, Peter hasn't returned to the city is thus legally deceased (meaning he doesn't have to pay taxes anymore!), and he has remained on the island, rising through the ranks of the community and eventually becoming a Fear Priest. When Guts N Pixels left the island to become a member of society again, he promoted Peter, whom he had taken a liking to, to the new Aspect of Horror (leader of the community). When this happened, he had to confirm that he was still alive in order to become a member of the United Nations, which Silabear was forming.

Peter would later be killed by the Maddened One while teleporting away from Dr. GoldenScientist's warehouse lab with IGEBM, LegendarySi, Tzyber, Golden, and Greief.


Haza Cumberland was born and sent away to an orphanage at 10 days old because his parents couldn't afford to have his disability treated. At the orphanage, he was abused and bullied for his disability, and grew to be psychotic. At the age of 18, he left the orphanage and tracked down his parents. They lived in a house in the suburbs of the mainland, and when Haza found them, he played nice and pretended to be a loving son who missed his parents, but during dinner, he pulled a gun on them and shot his dad in the head. His mom tried to grab her phone, which she left in the kitchen, but Haza pulled out a butcher knife and stabbed her in the back before fleeing the crime scene. He dropped the murder weapons and wore gloves the whole time so there would be no fingerprints, and then started an ice cream business, Hazcumber Inc. However, this business was quite sinister, for on the first night of the factory being open, Haza put on a mask and returned to the orphanage he was raised at, before kidnapping all the children, sedating them, and then putting them in a secret machine under the factory that ground them into paste and then put them into buckets that would be transported to the main factory, where they would be turned into sweet, delicious ice cream of all flavors. It wasn't long before news of a child kidnapper spread across PMC (yes, not just the city) and the government stated that if the killer was found, he would be executed, but no one ever suspected that said killer was the smiling, happy ice cream store owner...


Hello works at a pizza joint called PMC Pizza.

Gracie and Shadow Mockingjay

Gracie Mockingjay is a kind-hearted member of the Circle of Caring Souls church. She works there as one of the people that finds unknown people and gives them free promotion. One of those people was KreedGamer, who ended up becoming Gracie's boyfriend for a bit, but the two broke up and found they worked much better as friends. Gracie is currently dating Grimm Knight, and also works on promoting his circus every once in a while at her second job as someone in charge of preparing the commercials you see on the TV every day after the cliffhanger scenes in your favorite shows.


Shadow Mockingjay also works with her sister at her jobs, as her assistant. She helps her out with finding people for the CCS to promote and with preparing commercials for being on TV. Tragically, Shadow was hit by a car while crossing the street to get to the church one day. Shadow (the other one) called an ambulance, while the driver got out and apologized to Gracie. Gracie forgave him, understanding that it was an accident. The ambulance arrived, and Shadow (OnTheLoose), Gracie, and the driver accompanied Shadow (Mockingjay) to the hospital, where she passed away from her injuries.



Arian is an artist and enchantress, who uses her magic powers to make her paintings move and bring them to life in more literal ways than usual. She's also good friends with Emmin and EnderHasVanish, and sometimes works with them on big art projects.

Captain Clay

Captain Clay is a pirate who runs his own ship. Having known to sail since the age of 10, Clay eventually bought a ship after graduating from college at the age of 22, and he formed a crew of pirates. With his crew, Captain Clay goes on treasure hunts, and occasionally gets in trouble with the law for looting graves on owned land. The most well-known time this happened was when he looted the grave of a long-dead king from the ancient times of PMC City, and he had to pay a fine of 15000M and he was banned from sailing for 30 days. (He's fine now.)


Si is an explorer, who lives in a log cabin outside the city limits. In addition to that, Si is also the undertaker and a gravedigger, and he was the one that built the PMC City Cemetery.*

*If you want to see it, check his profile page.


Emmin is a painter and fashion designer who also works a clothing store selling her own label. She also fought in the PMC Soda Wars, as High Commander IGEBM's lieutenant, and she even made some changes to her uniform just to look stylish on the battlefield. She currently resides in Sodaville, working as a member of the clothing store there.

Sadly, on February 4th, 2023, she was caught breaking into Cyprezz Tower's underground vaults to steal highly-classified documents. She was sentenced to 5 months in PMC Prison, the highest-security prison on the planet, for federal and international criminals.

o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 o7

She was released from prison on July 12th and had a big welcome party around Castle Cholan, and is now living in Cholan Empire with her boyfriend, Greief. (This event was fully recounted in "An Old Friend Returns," a Tale From PMC.)

*Due to recent events, I can't tag her. (This is now null and void as she was unbanned and now I can tag her.)


Belle is a witch, and she's incredibly skilled when it comes to casting spells and charms.

Ella and Lorelai
Pixella_9487, EntityLorelai

Ella was born a bit of a mentally unstable kid. She was admitted into a mental institution at the age of 10, when her mental state became clear to her parents. At the age of 17, Freak was released, having been declared of sound mind by the head psychiatrist. She proceeded to fight in PMC Soda Wars and currently resides in Sodaville, and occasionally she threatens people or says to them, "Die." Around February, she changed her name to Ella and now lives a more peaceful life working at the Horror Games & Shows Club alongside her best friend, Lorelai.


Blue is the local know-it-all about the most random stuff. He seems to be doing several jobs- (Or all jobs?) at once. You go to get a coffee? He's the guy at the counter. Go shopping? He's the cashier. Getting mail? He's the mailman!

But what he is really known for- BUILDING! A masterful architect who loves design- to create! He loves making, whether it be houses or sculptures or whatever- he loves to build!

He seems to be everywhere... Eh- he's just a bit of a weirdo- you don't need to worry much about him...
Overall he is a good person, a bit quiet and introverted at times, but can be social and a blast to be around. You never really know with him. He tends to have a basic knowledge of a lot of skills- from blacksmithing to painting. He tends to be a bit dramatic at times, but all in good fun.

(Credit to Blue for writing this and saving me 5-10 minutes.)

IGEBM (aka me!)

IGEBM (called IGE by his friends) was born on the island of Block City, Blockland, but had to flee the island because of a zombie apocalypse. After traveling across much of Blockland and its surrounding islands. He eventually formed his own group of wanderers that settled in the mountains, where IGEBM mastered his new lightbending powers (that's why he has the turquoise skin). In an assault by the Amethyst King, his community was wiped out, and he fled, settling on a mountainous island with several small islands surrounding it. It was there that he built the community of Hell's Island. Sadly, he was forced to leave the island when the city he had built there was destroyed by rebels.
He started a new life in PMC City, becoming a lawyer. He made new friends, such as LegendarySi and OrderOutOfChaos, and went on to become a prominent figure across PMC, in part due to his writing career, having written many famous books, including a novelization of the Soda Wars. He also became a member of many governments, led the CocaCola Army (and later CocaCola Purists) during the PMC Soda Wars, which ended with the founding of Sodaville, of which he is the mayor. IGEBM also played a key role in stopping King Noncommercial of the Nether Empire and ending the Nether War in April 2023. For his part in ending the war, Silabear awarded him (and others) the Planet Minecraft Medal of Heroism. Following the war, IGEBM wrote a 9-part series about the Nether War, with each part of the story being posted to his website every Tuesday at 3:35 PM ET. In addition to that, he also began a singing career, posting clips of him singing to his website.


Greppi was an amazing musician, as well as the founder and runner of the Furries of Minecraft support group, for furries across Planet Minecraft to meet and talk with people like them. Greppi himself, while also running the group, also plays the keyboard and can sing and rap. He can also play guitar, and wrote lots of famous PMC songs. However, tragedy struck when, on November 21st, 2022, at 4:447 PM ET, he announced in a video on his PMCTube channel that he had been diagnosed with a rare but fatal disease and only had a few months left to live. Later on, he revealed in another video that Rakkitatoru had seen into his future, and he was going to die on Saturday, February 25th, 2023. He recorded one last song, which he has called, "Greppi's Goodbye," and is temporarily shutting down the Furries of Minecraft group for a couple of days so they can figure out who will lead it in his absence. Lastly, he's spending his final days of life going around and saying goodbye to all of his friends, his fans, and people who have supported him over the years.

o7 o7

Kylee, Denny, and Booposis
Creative_Kylee, dennnysresturante, Booposis

is a "Super Duper Evil Villain," according to her. She commits small crimes around PMC City, has an underground lair that has yet to be located, and her accomplice is Denny, who works on all of her tech, and her henchman is Booposis.


Cloud is an anthropomorphic cat and artist. However, recently, he's been doing some dark things...


Avery is cool. He works as a pet groomer, which is a cool job. Yeah, it's cool to shave dogs!


Waffle is the local detective, usually hired to solve the toughest cases. They are currently working with IGEBM and Peter to gather evidence that Haza is indeed a murderer and making his ice cream with the crushed remains of small children.


KP also works as a pet groomer, at the same place as Avery.


Lucas is a PMCTuber who makes gaming videos. They also despise hacking, even when it's necessary to do important stuff like save the world.


RB is also a PMCTuber, but they make Doctor Who videos. And, apparently, they don't know.

Dream Wanderer

Dream Wanderer is the owner of PMC City Construction Co. He's also the head foreman at most build sites. He absolutely loves to build, and his favorite time of the day is when he's on the construction site working and running things. PMCCC Co.* has built almost 45% of PMC City and buildings in the vicinity. Across PMC, they've built almost 60% of buildings (including in the City, so excluding the city it's 15%) across the planet, mostly in the Cholan Empire. Dream is also an excellent pony rider, and his side job is teaching pony-riding lessons in the park.

*pronounced PMC-double-c-co

Lord of Terror Firestar

Lord of Terror Firestar is a warrior, training since the day he learned about his fire-generating powers. He can be found in PMC city, napping in a forest in a hammock, or on Morbid Island. Or you can follow the trail of cats, as he is followed by these cute, furry felines at times. Firestar is part-cat, allowing him to be more agile and gain balance quickly during a fight. The downside is that he's kinda clumsy and his senses are slightly hyper-sensitive because of his cat features. He loves to explore new places and visit with his friends. Firestar is also extremely protective of those he cares about and would gladly die for them. He's cheerful and tries to help however he can. Firestar lives on Morbid Island, and was one of the Fear Priests until he won the Fear Priest portion of the Sweet Dreams competition and was promoted by the Aspect of Horror to the become the first Lord of Terror. He still, however, hangs out with his Fear Priest friends: Aspirin60, DarkRob333, GhostlyBit_57, and the new Fear Priest, IGEBM.

Credit to Firestar for writing this. I edited it a little bit since it spoke about PMC as if it was a computer program and there was code, but still, thanks, Firestar. Here's the original.

DarkIce8727742 was accidentally brought to PMC after Firestar was hit by a burst of dark magic during an incident on Morbid Island. The dark matter from the burst cloned Firestar's molecular structure, but was locked away by the Fear Priests before it could finish forming and come to life. Not long after he was finally born did he learn about his origins and break free. Being quite the opposite of Firestar, DarkIce exhibits more hostile and violent behavior towards anyone and everyone. DarkIce has grown a personal hatred for Firestar and so stalks him with malicious intent, waiting for just the right moment to strike. He cannot be found, and will usually find you first. But if you were to go looking, he would normally reside in the shadows, deep within the wilds of PMC, or within some radius of Firestar. While his positive counterpart has fire abilities, DarkIce (as you can tell from the name) can conjure ice. In addition, his dark magic origins grant teleportation powers, but they're kinda wonky, sometimes not working right and sending him to a random location. DarkIce, when he allows himself to be found, is useful, as he is an assassin for hire. Lastly, he speaks two languages: English and Zalgo, the latter of which is an ancient tongue also known as the Language of Darkness. You see, the dark magic that hit Firestar was that of Zalgon, an ancient force of evil who was imprisoned in Mt. Aranktu long ago. The Fear Priests accidentally awoke him, and he tried to escape his confinement, but, with help from then-Aspect of Horror Guts N Pixels, they were able to stop him. There are concerns among the Priests that DarkIce will one day free Zalgon, but for now, everything is okay.

Credit to Firestar for writing this. I edited it a little bit since it spoke about PMC as if it was a computer program and there was code, but still, thanks, Firestar. Here's the original.

Faisal is a pixel artist, using a digital app called Pixelz to create artwork he displays online. Recently, he commissioned me, a skilled writer, to write a story for one of his art pieces. I haven't gotten around to working on it, but I will eventually.


Skwerps is a battlemage, and a master of sight magic, specializing in scrying and detecting magic.


Rad is the grandmaster of a group of space monks in a galaxy far, far away. He is rivals with Darth Rad, his evil counterpart, created from him coming in contact with a parasitic symbiote of sorts that cloned his body and created an evil counterpart of him.


By day, Lord Pickle is a very creepy and mysterious tailor in PMC City. However, underneath his house, he leads the Cult of Greeen by night. (Yes, three es.) No one knows much about this cult, except that they all wear identical green robes and worship a pickle.


Storm works at Si's Nugget Factory, selling suspicious chicken nuggets. Recently, however, he became a new type of being, committing suicide as part of a ritual to become part-spirit. Now he can shift between the mortal and spiritual planes, but he can only stay on the spiritual plain for short amounts of time. He always brags about this to his co-workers, ghostoftheglade and IGEBM, and to Si himself.


Fox will kill anyone you want him to for 25 bananas. Recently, he challenged Tzyber o a duel to see who was the best assassin. Spectated by IGEBM, the two dueled on Friday, April 7th, 2023, with Fox losing the battle and Tzyber maintaining his title as the Supreme Machine and best assassin in all of PMC. After that fight, Tzyber mysteriously disappeared, with Fox sneakily following him to the docks, where he boarded Captain Clay's pirate ship and set sail.

JustaFlqmingo, Bubblez705

Flamingo and Bubblez are artists and clothing designers who work to make paintings and clothes with Hive-style designs. Together, they teach a class called Hive Style 101.

The Multiverse
Project: Hadron
PMC Laboratories was once the workplace of two scientists: Dr. GoldenScientist and her assistant Dr. Greief. Dr. Golden was the head of the Multiversal Research department, and spent most of her time at the lab working on Project: Hadron, a massive collider capable of opening large portals into other universes. During one test, using a smaller collider, Greief was sent into another universe, where PMC was covered in snow. When he returned, he seemed to have absorbed some of collider's energies. Golden ran some tests, and it turned out that Greief could now travel across universes. The two agreed not to tell anyone else about this, for fear that the project would be shut down if they found out Greief absorbed atomic energy.

Eventually, Project: Hadron was completed, and a team of skilled scientists, analysts, and soldiers was formed called Hadron Expedition Team 1, or HET-1 for short. Supervising the team was Greief himself. Golden turned on the collider, opening a portal to another universe. Unfortunately, this one wasn't as peaceful as the first, for it was home to anonpmc4374529's Chaos Legion. You see, in this universe (which is in the far future), governments had failed humanity and all other beings across the galaxy, for now a space-wide war was being waged against an army of demons from a black hole in the deepest parts of space known as Astral Beasts. HET-1 had arrived in the middle of a battle on Planet Minecraft, in the ruins of the lab. The entire squad, sans Greief, was taken out by Astral Beasts. Greief managed to get away by not being paralyzed with fear and running back through the portal. Golden saw the Beasts too and deactivated the collider. One managed to follow Greief through, but was blasted by a security guard.

Seeing the risks of the collider and its potential to bring new threats into this universe, the higher-ups shut down Project: Hadron and fired Dr. Golden and Dr. Greief. That didn't stop the duo from setting up shop in an old warehouse on an island off the mainland's northern coast and using the blueprints on Golden's phone to build a new, albeit smaller, collider out of spare parts and performing unsanctioned experiments on their own. The people at the lab don't know about the collider, but Golden and Greief's friends, and other trusted individuals, do know about it and have agreed to keep their mouths shut.

List of Known Universes
During their time working on Project: Hadron, Golden and Greief came up with a system to designate universes.* This system breaks up universes into clusters of universes with a similar theme to each other. For example, all the universes where the people are astronauts that live on the planet Amogus instead of PMC are grouped into the Amogus universal cluster. Then, the universal stream (an individual universe) is designated with a number based on its date of discovery (month-year.day).

Normax 1010.17 - our home universe
Normax 1022.10 - a universe where IGEBM and the citizens of Hell's Island became zombies all dying in the Hell's Island Rebellion
Normax 1222.18 - a universe where the people of PMC are residents of a galaxy far, far away
Normax 123.25 - a universe where a few people are mobs instead of people
Normax 223.8 - a universe where IGEBM slayed the Ender Dragon, took her heart, merged it with his own, and became the ruler of the End
Normax 323.31 - a universe where several people (including IGEBM) are part of the Illager Empire, and are Illagers instead of people

Chaoseus 1122.27 - the universe HET-1 entered, as well as the primary Chaoseus universe where most events happen
Chaoseus 723.19 - a universe similar to 1122.27, but one whose IGEBM is still intact (well, until he was brought into the main Chaoseus universe)

Amogus 123.25 - an Amogus universe discovered during the first test of the new "Golden Collider" the two scientists made in their warehouse, and the setting of PMC Among Us
Amogus 523.14 - another Amogus universe discovered during a Golden Collider test

Crypticus 1122.11 - a universe where several people are monstrous creatures (aka the home of the GP Fanovembers)
Crypticus 123.8 - a universe where numerous people in PMC City were abducted by Haza and turned into robotic ice cream men (aka the home of the Haza Versions)
Crypticus 0523.14 - a Crypticus universe discovered during a Golden Collider test

Quadwal 223.24 Iota** - a universe where IGEBM, Clay, Chaos, and anonpmc4047761 are all Transformers and fighters in the Great War

Digitas (pronounced dij-ee-tus)
Digitas 323.5 - a universe where PMC is a video game

Revolutia 423.7 - a universe where, following the death of TheCrypteral, illager created a monarchy, installing Silabear as king of PMC, which led to a rebellion (elaborated on in "The PMC Revolution")

Golden and Greief have taken it upon themselves to put together an entire catalog of universal streams to reveal to the public if the collider is made available for public use.

*This system is (IRL) from Transformers.
**This universe crosses over with the TransTech method of universal cataloging, hence the Greek alphabet letter. In other words, Transformers stuff.

1 Year of IGEBM Lore
1 year ago today (the day I'm writing this), I posted this blog, a blog that would, unbeknownst to me, take off and lead to me devoting my after-school hours to writing stories about this lore. Sorry if that sounded grumpy; I really enjoy doing that. Anyways, I had originally just made this because I had a bunch of ideas in my head while thinking about what PMC would be like as an actual planet. I made sections for each of the basic parts of PMC, like profile pages, wall posts, and skins, and eventually made updates where I'd add site users. Weeks later, Tales From PMC, which is an anthology containing stories from across PMC, was posted, and I also had a collection containing lore content and skins of the people featured on the main blog.

A little over a month after posting the main lore blog, I began writing a series set in the same universe called PMC: War on the Nether, which was followed by a sequel of sorts called PMC: Apocalypse, and then I made another lore blog for the Chaos Legion, since it had so much that it deserved its own blog. My good friend LegendarySi began to help out with Chaos Legion lore a few weeks before that blog posted, and we handle it together, although he also contributed to the general lore in a way with his PMC Cemetery, which was based on how I write deaths into the lore. To this day, that's been the only instance of me bringing in another writer, and he's pretty good; he began this series called The Anarchist that serves as a sequel to Apocalypse, but that's kinda stuck in production hell... Anyways, in October, I challenged myself by writing a daily series of short stories (that had an overarching plot) called PMC: The Mansion of Shivers, and about a week or two later, there was The PMC World War, which was an adaption of a Chaos Legion roleplay. I was planning to make a second series called The Birth of the Chaos Legion that would serve as a prequel to all lore about the group, but I've been focusing more on my fanfic, and that was postponed indefinitely "sent" down to development hell two days after the guide blog came out. It's gonna be chilling down there with a standalone story I started writing called "The Convoy" (more Chaos Legion stuff) for a while...

Now, I had been planning to post Update 4.0 on the anniversary for about 7 months prior to its release, but there was some stress, as I focused more on stories and not blog updates, and I was struggling with coming up with updates, but I ultimately managed to post 4.8 and 4.9 in the days leading up to today, and I actually got to make this update earlier because of the snow day.

Why am I telling you all this history that most of you probably know? Well, I just wanted to say that I've had a great time building this world and showing it to all of you, but all good things must come to an end... no, I'm not ending IGEBM lore. I'm just slowing it down. Tales From PMC are pretty rare now (the last one came out in September), and the same goes for updates for this blog. I've written a good amount of stories (adding up all the lore series [WOTN - World War, no Tales] gets you 54 total chapters), and the postponement of The Birth of the Chaos Legion was a wake-up call of sorts for me that now's the time to stop and/or take a break. After all, in the other window, I have a chapter list and the fourth book of my Transformers fanfiction, and now my nights are gonna include drawing a mural of some of the characters that'll take up more time and won't allow me to draw the chapter covers. (That and feeling tired is why I didn't make a new cover for this blog for the anniversary.) There's gonna be one more thing, assuming the mods fix this glitch that keeps bothering me so I can finish working on it, that'll come out on February 28th to celebrate the anniversary of War on the Nether, and then that's it for now. (And maybe one day, Si'll post chapter 5 of The Anarchist.)

So yeah, in short, I've had a great time writing this stuff, and now it's time to put my full focus on a different project. I'm assuming you're reading this after checking out the updated stuff, so I hope you enjoyed Update 4.0 of "PMC in IGEBM Lore."

See y'all in the next post

CreditCyprezz, for creating PMC, and all of you, for inspiring me

36 Update Logs

Update 4.0 - Anniversary : by IGEBM 01/16/2024 11:43:45 amJan 16th

- formatted all the dropdowns so they're one space apart

Planet Minecraft

- rewrote it to be more descriptive and fit better with the way I described PMC in my lore stories

Forum Threads
- I literally just deleted a word (this update exists because it's funny)

Wall Posts
- changed them from being put on a bulletin board to being made on an app

- rewrote it to fit with my explanation of gods and demigods in the lore stories
- yes, I was brave enough to tag Cyprezz, Paril, and the PMC support account/Mrs. PMC
- I must admit, it was pretty interesting comparing the Council of Mods list from last year and the one I made a few days ago (when I wrote the stuff for this update) and noticing who's retired and who's been promoted

- removed it, because it was something I realized was never actually used in future lore text, so... bye!

- credited Cyprezz for writing part of the description (I copied part of it - or all, I'm too lazy to check), since I seem to have convinced myself that I already had

Life and Death
- rewrote it to fit with the way death (and life) works in my stories

- changed tntdiamondwolf's description to say that his name is "Wolf," not "Wolfe," to avoid confusion with Panda_Wolfe, who I will inevitably add one day

Added the "1 Year of IGEBM Lore" section (it's important, so read it)

Additional IGEBM Lore Content
- due to glitches in the BBCode (the ticket about is linked in the "1 Year" section above it), I had to remove it, but it's included below:

Official IGEBM Lore Collection
A collection containing several additional pieces of IGEBM lore content, as well as some locations in the lore and the persona skins for everyone in the lore.

Tales From PMC
An anthology blog containing various short stories. Most of them are set in the main universe, but there is a section called "Tales of the Multiverse" that contains stories from other universes.

PMC: War on the Nether
A series about the Nether War.

PMC: Apocalypse
A series about the Maddened One's arrival in Normax 1010.17 and a small team's efforts to stop the apocalypse he seeks to cause.

The Official Guide to Chaos Legion Lore
A version of this blog, but much shorter and simpler, explaining Chaoseus 1122.27. (This blog includes links to other Chaos Legion lore content.)

IGEBM Lore Official Timeline
A timeline with every Tale From PMC, all the chapters of PMC: War on the Nether, PMC: Apocalypse, The Anarchist, PMC: The Mansion of Shivers, and The PMC World War, "Project: Hadron," and any other additional stories in chronological order. Stories from alternate universes, such as The Anarchist, are marked with a color corresponding to their universe.

PMC: The Mansion of Shivers
A daily series about IGEBM, Si, and Storm’s adventures on the mysterious Shiver Island.

Note: the updated text for the "Planet Minecraft," "Gods," and "Life and Death" sections were all written on Sunday, January 14th.

Well, that's it. This is the last thing I'm writing for the "PMC in IGEBM Lore" blog for probably a while... I still remember writing all of these... I guess this is it. Hope you enjoyed Update 4.0, the Anniversary Update!

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This is amazing.
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Ige blog won't work so I'm posting it here

My pmc persona:
Bell basically is just that minecraft skin that looks like my pfp, she randomly just appears out of thing air annoys people and disappears without anyone noticing until like its been 5 hours lol. Idk how to put that in lore except the fact I'm in chaos legion and I'm planning on making her and Kay part of it, but she's also part of under the rainbow
Class: annoyance :)))
Edit I found to be part of lore: when bad things happen she just walks up to annoy people and they think she just appeared and in most art peices she's just chilling in the background as literal W A R is happening
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Probably between 4.1 and 4.9

I’m debating whether or not to since this lore primarily focuses on the main universe, and the GME and its members only exist in other realities (MGDM has been confirmed to exist in Chaoseus 1122.27 and Revolutia 423.7)
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